Saturday, March 30, 2013

Get out and ENJOY this spring!

Spring is here, even in the Northeast, I can feel it's warm little hands reaching out for us :D

So, on this 50 degree and sunny day, we loaded up the dog and headed out for a hike in the Catskills!

As the weather warms and it gets easier and easier to just step outside and revel in the sunshine and get some activity in, I feel ever more ALIVE and grateful.

Don't miss out on these days! Grab them all up and binge on LIFE, not food.

Sun and fresh air and my dog bounding up and down the trail and trees and rocks and movement was the perfect medicine for what ails me.

Seeing these pictures that Chris loaded up when we got home made me feel even better :) Because I feel beautiful and present and good when I look at them!

So that's my message for the weekend. Get out there and drink up the air and eat up life to the fullest. You'll never feel deprived if you do :D



  1. That sounds so perfect! Its still only 40 here, but the bike is coming out SOON! :)


  2. Jeannette, loving your blog. I don't always get time to comment, but I read each of your posts. Love your Koda photos and your Paleo template. So glad there are other people out there that get it. Thank you for your blog! :) Karen P