Sunday, March 3, 2013

Great party, no overeating!

The party was an absolute hit! I actually can't sleep this morning because I am still running on excitement and happiness :D

AND it appears that the way to get me to not pig out at a party is to make me responsible for feeding everyone else! I was so concerned with making food and getting it set out that I barely thought about eating it. I also had this weird host feeling that I shouldn't eat too much because I wanted my guests to have more!

So no cheese or brownies or chips or cookies or any of the worse-for-you munchies. I had a few sweet potato-sausage skewers and bruschetta and veggies and a late night square of the pizza. Definitely didn't go over my normal dinner calorie allowance! And I ran around happily hostessing all night :)

One surprise: the veggie tray was one of the big hits of the night!! I had enough mushrooms, grape tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and snap peas for two huge trays and it all got eaten! Yay for healthy friends haha

A lot of the food was actually lighter fare than I tend to see at parties but everyone enjoyed it! It filled me with such joy to know everything was made with my two hands from whole ingredients and with the exception of brownies-- I kept health in mind. I don't want to fill my friends with poison!!

We had about 35ish people throughout the night and it seemed like everyone had a nice time. Koda was super behaved (he made two lunges at the food in 7 hours so I count that as a win!) and let everyone pet and kiss him. He totally hammed it up and made a bunch of new friends, so awesome :)

So to sum up: successful party where I was super happy, fed the people I live good food and I didn't overeat, not by a long shot!

Total win.

Namaste <3

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  1. Awesome job Jeanette!! I'm the same when I host don't want to eat in fear everyone else won't have enough. You are too busy entertaining to be pulled by the lure of the food. Ha. Great job!