Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lessons learned, mountains to climb

Pretty excited. Tomorrow, I am heading back to the mountains!

Since my dad's passing, I've kind of shied away from the activities that have brought me so much joy, like hiking and skiing. I haven't had the heart or the energy to engage in those super physical, super engaged activities!

But, Chris went out on a GORGEOUS hike this past weekend with a friend of ours (and Koda, too!) and I found myself super, super jealous.

I wanted to be on the top of a mountain, under blue skies with thick white clouds. I wanted to be red cheeked from the cold and exertion. I wanted the fresh air. I wished my blood was rushing with the thrill of summating!

So I am heading out tomorrow, which is supposed to be a warm and beautiful day in the Adirondacks, and hitting the mountains. :D

Which is why I am posting this now, because I will be too busy to post tomorrow! So excited :) :)

Like I said: I feel like I am fully back into this now.

I regained my life and my happiness. And though it is still tough and still very sad at times, I made it through. I made it through without gaining a ton of weight. I made it through whole. I didn't have to suffer like I suffered when my mom passed. I just mourned. I was sad. I withdrew a little. But it didn't turn into a situation like before - where I spent a decade overweight, isolated, and depressed.

I had to mourn for him. I still am. I always will.

But I didn't have to lose myself in the process. It's a lesson HARD learned from my mother's passing.

Life is happening. It is here and now. And I hope to be joyful, standing on the top of the world tomorrow :)


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  1. Good for you! Climb that mountain girl---and enjoy EVERY MINUTE! :)