Tuesday, March 5, 2013

31, 128

I am 31 years old today. Officially in my early 30s. Whoa.

Weighed in at 128 today... not what I wanted, but I told you all yesterday how the weekend kind of dissolved into a wheat fest? Yeah. So, completely expected, anyway!

I feel kind of worse about turning 31 than about turning 30 for some reason. But I just have to look at where I am now versus a year ago in a positive light.


- I am officially 8-9 pounds lighter than I was on my birthday last year. Even though I wanted more (if I weighed 124 like I wanted, that number would have been 12-13!), that's still pretty awesome.

- I am engaged

- I live in a paid-off house

- I have an awesome dog

- I have learned a LOT about life, death, priorities, friendship and love

- I found a way to eat that totally works for me FINALLY after 30 years.... now I just have to stick to it :)

So.. yeah. Now, there are a lot of other differences, but they are negative, and what is the use of that thinking? Not today. Not on my birthday!

Plans for the day will look like this: hour long dog walk, egg n veggie breakfast, work on my class lecture, watch Criminal Minds and do yoga stretches/physical therapy, eat a light lunch, work a little more, go out to sushi with Chris :)

It's a quiet day. Much unlike the past few birthdays I've had, but it's what I want. I want a quiet day where I focus on the things that are important to me: my fiance, my dog, my health, and my work.

Namaste, my loves!


  1. Happy birthday! 28 is a great year!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I also remembering 31 feeling a bit worse, but you'll survive (I made it here to 32 just fine...ha!). I hope you have a great one!

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet thing! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday, Jeanette! Here's to a year of kickassery and good quality lean protein. :)

  5. Happy Birthday!! I'm sure you will love being in your 30's! I do!!