Friday, March 15, 2013

Tasting/Grocery Shop/Day on Plan

Saturday we had the tasting for our wedding food... It was amazing! The food was fresh, beautiful and tasty. The entrees all come with great fresh grilled vegetables.. They were really well done!

We picked prosciutto stuffed chicken, salmon with polenta and filet mignon for the entrees (vegetarians have a great lasagna). Apps are similarly awesome.

The tasting was my only meal of the day .. I didn't want to eat THAT much food in one day!

Today was an awesome on plan food day! Fresh veggies, lean protein, and a little fruit.

I've made a pledge to stay sober and eat clean and paleo for five days. I am having a drink with some girls on Friday - but only if I abide by the sober/moderate eating plan for the week!

I will be driving on Friday as well, so I will only be having two drinks max, which makes it easy for me to plan my day.

We went to the co-op and got some great stuff to keep us on track: coconut milk yogurt, almond milk, brussels sprouts, dates, tomatoes, grass fed beef, and chocolate! Still enjoying my chocolate once in a while... Taking small steps to get back to where I was. Even at my fittest/leanest last year, I did enjoy a few squares of chocolate.

Getting there, slowly but surely :D

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