Friday, March 22, 2013

My first corset and that early 30s confidence

I have a confidence at this point in my life (age 31) that I've never felt before!

I got a huge thigh tattoo that I've wanted forever when I was 30. I'm stepping up in ways I never thought possible.

I'm starting to see myself as a beautiful, strong woman who can fulfill all her dreams!

I spent decades with negative thoughts:

"That activity is for fit people, not me."

"Those clothes are for sexy people, not me."

"Tattoos are for 'cool' people, not me."

Etc etc... Talking myself out of things I really wanted because I just wasn't THAT type of person. I had (sometimes still have) this vision of myself as a dorky, ugly little girl.

This year, as tough as it has been, has taught me that I am strong. I can do and be and dress and look and live anyway I want!

So, YAY, life experience! As sucky as it can be in the moment, it can craft something beautiful.

So here's pictures of my first corset (something I've wanted since I was that chubby, dorky teenager and never thought I'd have the body or the guts to wear):


  1. I'm not gay but...HEY BABY!!! :)

    If you think you're confident NOW, check back with me when you're 40... ;) It's all up from here, jeanette!

  2. Gorg! Love it! As a top heavy girl, I can't get away with one, but you look great. It's awesome to feel confident and secure.

  3. Look at that tiny waist! Gorgeous!

  4. You look beautiful! Great purchase :)