Thursday, March 21, 2013

New York City

I took the train into NYC today with a friend who was getting her last wedding dress fitting (she bought her dress and is using a seamstress in the city even though she lives in Albany by me).

It would have, in the past, been an eating disaster for me: pizza, bagels, fancy coffee drinks with tons of sugar... Leaving the house early, not getting back till evening, being on the train for hours and hours...

Today, it was a whole new world for me, I didn't use the day trip as an excuse to indulge or not prepare for the day. I didn't let the fun time with a friend leak over into my food. I just had a nice time, talking and laughing and doing wedding stuff!

My food:

Breakfast: egg scramble with veggies and turkey bacon

Lunch: cherry Lara bar and a 150 calorie bag of pistachios

Dinner (at the train station around 4): a grilled chicken salad with apple slices, bacon and a little bleu cheese

Snack (at home, since dinner was so early): gluten free toast with sunflower butter and cantaloupe

Nothing wrong with that. It felt great not to indulge just because I had to go into the city and my schedule was thrown all off.

I used to love buying junky, bready items in NYC and eating them on the go... a pretzel from a vendor just because, for example. I said to myself today, however, that I made a promise to myself to eat clean and eat moderately this week. I didn't want to go back on that promise! I wanted to wake up feeling proud and loving my body tomorrow.

It was more important than momentary pleasure.

That's a big mental step, getting back to this place where pride and health and self-worth matter more than a yummy treat. I was there last year and lost my way a little.

Ahhhhhh. :)

Going to bed happy!


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  1. WTG! Such an awesome feeling to be in control and making decisions based on thoughtfulness, not just reacting and buying the "shiny object" (if that makes sense). lol.