Wednesday, March 20, 2013

300th post: food, followers, and feelings

It's my 300th post in 366 days. Apparently I like blogging. :)

I used to have a diary when I was younger, I loved writing in it, but I fell out of the habit. This totally fulfills that need and had the added bonus of finding a community of like minded people and some really awesome individuals!

Food was SPOT ON yesterday!

Breakfast: egg, egg white, mushrooms, peppers and tomato

Lunch: coffee with almond milk, gluten free toast (one slice) with sunflower butter

Dinner (early): turkey burger (no bun) with raw tomato slices on top, with brussels sprouts, mushrooms,  and half a serving of a butternut squash and carrot soup

Snack: frozen strawberries and blackberries with some almond milk yogurt on top, sprinkled with cinnamon

I was completely satisfied all day, never hungry and never full - which is what I like. My fitness app said I ate 50% carbs, 24% protein and 26% fat - also what I like to see.

Feeling great this morning as a result! This mornings veggie scramble is already eaten, yoga already done, dog walk as well.

However, I did see I lost a follower!!! I wonder why. I do love an audience, so it hurt a little to see someone clicked off following me. I am curious as to why - am I boring? annoying? preachy? Hm. Ah, well. I am a small blog with a small readership, and the fact that ANYONE bothers to read my words warms the cockles of my soul :D

So I am in a great mood. Food has SUCH an effect on my mood. Greasy, junky food? Foul mood. (Hey, that rhymed!) And the opposite is true as well. I wish I could remember this when I get depressed. I think I will next time - as I get older, I remember these hard learned lessons when it is important to remember them more and more. For example: learned a pretty hard lesson when my mom died about abusing my body to deal with grief. Did not repeat that process when my dad passed.

Tomorrow, I am going to NYC with a friend to do some stuff for her wedding with her. I am pretty excited for some girl time!! I cannot attend her wedding (its a destination wedding and I can't afford it) so I am glad to spend this time with her. I am going to make sure to prepare ahead of time so I don't eat my little heart out in NYC - I'll bring a lunch and snack.

Love and light to you all!


  1. Hi Jeanette!
    You know I love your blog & your message & pretty much your life :) I always love your posts. They are honest, raw & inspiring. ALWAYS.
    I'm also a small blog with a small readership and that is also A-OK with me. I did notice at one point that I lost several followers and it kind of bugged me a little. So I removed the follower gadget from my blog. I never even look at my stats to see where my readers are coming from or how many page views I get. If I see those numbers, it's an accident. I get caught up in those kinds of details...

    I get annoyed when I see that I have been unfriened on facebook, too. I'm like what, "I'm not cool enough for you?? I'm not funny enough for you?" It's enough to drive an alreay somewhat unstable person kin of crazy :)

    1. Thanks, I definitely needed that said to me :D :D

      I try not to look at the numbers, either, because that's NOT why I started this blog or why I want to blog. I'd probably be just as happy writing this even if only you and Norma read it!!!

  2. And for some reason my D key is not working, so sorry about all those missing D's in that comment :)

  3. Your eating really was spot! And about the followers, a lot of folks are freaking out because of the Google Reader transition, so they're switching to feed burners and other utilities. It might not be you at all! I think you're awesome, so it's probably not. :)


  4. I like your blog and your attitude. You seem like a kind person. I'm inspired by your healthy choices!!

  5. I never register as an official "follower" of the blogs I read. It never occurred to me to do so. I have only 54 official followers on my blog, but average 650-850 hits/day. Occasionally I see that I've lost a follower but I have no idea whom, because I never clicked the page to see the followers. In any event, jeanette, I might just mean (like on Facebook) that the person has canceled that Google account or whatever; not that they've quit reading you.

    1. Very true! That insecurity I felt is just a leftover from younger days when I had ZERO confidence!

  6. Happy 300th post!

    I wouldn't worry so much about losing a follower..people come and people go. Sometimes people just delete their google accounts! And, really, you probably have about 3x as many readers as you have followers!

  7. I think it goes without saying that I think you're the most amazing woman in the galaxy!!!!! Congrats on your commitment to health and the changes you've made. You inspire me every day.