Thursday, March 7, 2013

Exercising to reduce menstrual cramps

A little too TMI? Well, too bad. Important stuff here :)

I'm bringing it up because I woke up to my monthly round of intense cramps. I was ready to turn on some bad TV and painfully wait it out, but I know the truth from experimentation. If I get out there and MOVE, the cramps will ease.

So I looked up some basic information to share, so it's not all just my idiot opinion all over the internet :)

Exercise: SOS for Menstrual Cramps

Most of the information out there indicates that aerobic exercise (walking, biking, swimming, etc) is the best way to reduce the pain. Which would make sense, because if you are in aerobic exercise, your blood is pumping all over your body (including to your uterus).

This study (as well as this study) states that many other studies have shown that exercises reduces painful cramping, but that there are methodological flaws with them. However, the theory is that "exercise works by improving blood flow at the pelvic level as well as stimulating the release of endorphins, which act as non-specific analgesics."

The link to the first study also has a myriad of other ways to reduce painful cramps, if you are really suffering from them. Mine only last a part of a day, so I turn to some basic pain relievers and exercise!

Anyway, researchers can't 100% say that exercise will cure the pain of cramps, but I know it HELPS mine (I still will hurt for a part of the day, but less intensely than if I laid around in bed). 

So off I go to walk the dog, get the blood moving, maybe do some yoga when I get back.

Have a light day, friends!


  1. I agree, movement does help.

    Also, when I was in dancer's pose in Body Flow Tuesday, I totally thought of you and thought, I can't wait until my body looks as good as Jeanette's in this pose...ha!

    I hope those cramps ease up on you today.

  2. Quite agree. For me it's walk, walk, and walk some more!

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