Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Daily dog walks, Weigh In

I've been really, really loving my daily dog walks (which I am about to go on in about 10 minutes!). I start my day with fresh air, about three miles of walking, and bonding time with my new buddy :D

Six months ago to about three months ago, I considered getting rid of him all the time. But I knew those thoughts were a product of stress, grief, and depression. I am SO glad I didn't do it. I am so glad I am not the type of person to do things without trying to look at it logically. Even through the fog of my deep sadness and frustration, I knew I would regret giving him away.

I love Koda and he helps start my day off right!!

Seriously: Koda, my egg and veggie scramble, and a bout of yoga has improved my mood and my health TENFOLD. I keep doing it every day. It works.

So, weighing in. I was scared to weigh in since I had a rough couple of weeks as far as drinking, gave UP drinking for five days and drank again on Saturday. And drinking always comes with too much snacking.

But those 5 days of SUPER clean eating at about 1700 calories with absolutely no alcohol paid off.

Still weighing in at 127 :)

I wonder where I would be if I hadn't spent all that time drinking/eating... probably under 125 which is what I want!

I am going to get where I want to go and making another rule: NO DRINKING AT TV NIGHT! TV Night is Wednesday (so today!) and all our friends get together and have a ton of fun watching bad TV and joking and catching up on each others lives. We also drink a lot.

There is no reason for me to. I have JUST as much fun when I don't drink. And, though I do really like wine and beer and alcohol in general.... it just simply isn't doing me any favors. I HAVE to limit it somewhere and this is a good place to start: today :)

I have been trying. I have been having more on plan days than off. My off plan days aren't even terrible. I am staying healthy and my weigh in proves it. I am happy! 

I just want to be better, is all. Who doesn't?

Okay, off to my walk with my favorite dog in the world...

Namaste <3


  1. "I just want to be better, is all. Who doesn't?"

    THIS, exactly, jeanette. If you stop moving forward, you are moving backward. If an action does not contribute to your goal, it detracts from it.

  2. Good job girl. I love your morning routine too. Wish my cats would be into the whole walking thing..ha!! Enjoy your time with friends tonight, and you are will have just as much fun without the alcohol ;)

  3. Koda is a beautiful chap. I'm so glad you made the right decision about keeping him (for both of you) and you are very lucky to have him in your life. He's pretty darned lucky to have you too :-)

    All the best for more on-plan days. I'm trying to do likewise - I don't 'need' even a little glass of the red during the week, so weekend nights only for the fat lass ;-)

    1. That's my train of thought too! I really do like to have a couple glasses of white wine... but I am going to save it for those lovely, long, chill weekend nights with my fiance or with my friends when I can realllllly enjoy it. It makes it all the sweeter if I don't indulge every night of the week as well, haha :)

  4. Jeanette, you have had a rough year and yet you continue to move forward. You really are an inspiration. (Sappy enough for ya?) Seriously though, I'm glad things are going well.