Friday, March 29, 2013

Green burgers, sore muscles

I didn't post yesterday. I was in a little funk that was due to a bad night of sleep. So I didn't want to say anything I didn't mean!

I didn't walk the dog yesterday, even, but it was a more conscious choice. I knew Chris was going to take Koda after work to a local nature preserve and run him ragged. But I was glad to not get tugged around for an hour by my massive pup!!

However, I used the hour that I normally would have been walking him and worked *out*! I turned on Criminal Minds (ohhhh favorite guilty pleasure) and for every minute the show was on I rowed my heart out on my rowing machine. And when the commercials were on, I would stand up and do squats with arm presses or lunges with bicep curls.

And, now, I am sore. Wow, oh, wow. I forgot what the rowing machine does to a person who hasn't used it in weeks! Got to be more consistent about using that bad boy.

I so badly want killer arms on my wedding day :D

So, last night for dinner, I wanted to bulk out my chicken burgers. So I turned them green (which I don't know is super apparent in the picture, but trust me).

I threw cilantro, mushrooms, onions, baby spinach and green peppers into the food processors until it was finely chopped, mushed it all in with the ground chicken and voila! - I doubled the amount of burgers I made and turned them green :)

They were delicious, too!

Asparagus lightly sauteed in olive oil and cooked in lemon juice and garlic - also incredible!

It was a great dinner. I LOVE eating this type of dinner (and Chris and I have made some variation on the lean protein/green veggie/sweet potato dinner for two weeks straight).... I feel full, satisfied and content after. It is as if I can feel the nutrients being digested immediately. My stomach feels happy... as opposed to how it would feel if I filled it with fats, salts, and nothing green (which is very bloated and unhappy!).

Weighing in at 126 this morning, feels good to see something other than the 127 that I've seen for a while now - and I'm glad that "other" is lower! Gives me hope that my current behaviors will get me under 125 again :)

Okay - get out there and kill it today, friends!!!

Peace <3


  1. Love the green burgers! Yum. I may have to make a batch to have on hand for lunches. I love asparagus too! Double yum.
    Have a great day!

  2. yummy! The color would throw off my hubby. lol

  3. Yumm, green burgers!! I'm on a sweet potato kick right now myself. I've been baking them and topping it with a bit of cocounut oil & some sea salt. Delish!