Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yoga, a crazy fiancé and a cat

I printed three yoga sequences (one done by a very adorable little bunny, haha) and posted them in my bedroom to help me be inspired to do 15 minutes of yoga every morning. It's a good way to get the blood flowing and your body warmed up and flexible for the day!

I have very tight hamstrings (to the point I cannot bend over and touch my toes!... I used to think I couldn't touch my toes because I was fat and the fat got in the way, turns out no matter how thin I am, I still need to work on flexibility) and want them loosened up. Daily stretching is really the only way!

Anyway, in other news: my fiance is crazy. CRAZY!

He left last night at midnight to go hiking. In the snow. On a mountain. At night. With the dog. CRAZY :D

But, I love him and I totally understand. He wants to see the sunrise on a mountaintop. It's lovely :) We attempted it last summer, but we were completely clouded in, so he's trying again.

Personally. TOO COLD AND DARK!!! Not for me. He is going with a friend of ours, though, for which I am grateful. I don't like worrying about him out there on a mountain all by himself at night, even if he is a more than capable outdoorsman.

So, yes, he's totally nutso. But I love it. He loves being active! Really, truly loves it. It matters to his spirit. A love like that is going to keep us active well into our elder years :)

And, I leave you with a picture of my cat by my bedroom window (with his precious plastic frog). I love his cat silhouette!

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