Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More About the Paleo Fantasy

Good morning friends!

Found a few more interesting articles for you on why the paleo diet isn't actually a PALEOLITHIC diet and why we don't need to be trying to eat like our hunter and gatherer ancestors.



As someone who bases her diet off of the "Paleo Diet" plan, I actually like the plan for a couple of reasons:

1) It teaches you NOT to eat ANY processed foods

2) Reducing your foods to simple meats, veggies, fruits and nuts for a little while shows you exactly how out of control the SAD diet is and how basic our diets COULD be and still keep us full and nourished

3) It showed me that I felt more full on protein than on carbs (25% protein a day and 50% carbs is my standard now, rather than 75% carbs!)

4) It also showed me that the best carbs are vegetables

5) It helped me realize that white bread, white potatoes, refined sugar and dairy made me feel like utter crap!

6) It is simple and clean and the "Paleo Diet" has everything in it your body needs to be strong and healthy - that's a plus!

I don't like the plan for any reason related to how our ancestors ate 10,000 years ago. I don't care about that. The science isn't sound. We aren't even 100% sure how our ancestors ate all the time. Our ancestors weren't free of diseases or nutritional troubles, either. And we evolve much quicker than the paleo diet assumes- adapting to different foods easily.

I don't like the plan for it's super strictness- no honey? no maple syrup? not even sweet potatoes when you are doing it strict?!

I think honey and maple syrup are perfectly reasonable in moderate amounts. Humans eat sugar. We have always eaten sugar. Not the way we do now, obviously. Not in the types and amounts. But honey and maple syrup are a-okay with me!

But, in the end, I am glad I did the diet and still use it as a general guide for how I eat. I really don't think my body needs white flour or dairy in it. I know for a fact my body doesn't need anything processed (by which I mean full of dirty, unpronounceable chemicals!) in it.

I still base my meals around protein and vegetables. Every meal. It's helped me stay slim and energetic and, I think, healthy.

So, yeah, just disseminating some more information. Those articles are really interesting, give them a read!

Love and light to you <3


  1. I agree with what you've said all the way. I'm hoping to find more scientific evidence that this "paleo" way of eating is more beneficial than a vegan diet that excludes all processed foods for reducing cardiovascular disease and diabetes (cancer would be great, also.) There really are alot of studies that show effects of the vegan diet on reversal of these diseases. But for me, it is so hard to stay vegan. I'm starving and bloated all the time. I feel so much better eating "paleo" and only hope my arteries will remain clean. Your thoughts?

    1. One thing I do believe: humans are biologically omnivores. We need plant food and animal food to thrive. In order to be healthy as a vegan you have to be SUPER diligent, perhaps even working with a nutritionist to get the right amount of protein in and not to rely on bread-products to feel full. Very few people are successful veganists (they turn out more like carb-itarians!).

      Eating paleo-style is very healthy, I believe... If, *IF*, people are educated and smart about their choices. Protein should come from LEAN protein sources (like poultry and pork) and limit red meats to once a week or so. Eating paleo is not an excuse to go wild on meat, but to learn to incorporate veggies, fruits and nuts as a main source of energy and nutrients.

      Another note: I also get meat that is not full of antibiotics and growth hormones. I buy local and grass fed/finished meats that are ethically raised and slaughtered... I feel it is the only responsible and healthy way to eat meat.

  2. Checking out the articles now. :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I'll check out the links. I'm doing a "Whole30" in the month of April just to kick me back on track. I've been doing a lot of straying and I know what to eat to feel optimal :)