Friday, March 1, 2013

Party Menu Planning

I am about to drop the dog off at daycare so I can get the house clean and go grocery shopping/food prepping for my Housewarming/Birthday party tomorrow!

I have a wide range of people coming over, with a wide range of eating behaviors. There are going to Paleo-eaters there (someone besides me, yay!), vegetarians, gluten free eaters, and regular meat-n-potatoes types.

So I tried to make a menu of appetizers so that everyone would have at least two or three items that fit their dietary worlds (usually our friends with special dietary needs also bring a dish to share that they can also eat, so that's nice!).

For the paleo eaters: (nitrate free) bacon wrapped dates, veggie platter, guacamole and salsa, bruschetta, olive plate, skewers of sausage and sweet potatoes, melon and prosciutto skewers

For the gluten free eaters: mac n cheese made with rice pasta, tomato and mozzarella skewers AND everything from the paleo list above!

For the veggie-only peeps: the veggie tray, the mac n cheese, olives, the dips (and I will provide some corn tortilla chips), tomato-mozz. skewers, bruschetta, etc.

For the meat n potato lovers: well, they can eat everything I've already listed PLUS I am making a mexican flatbread pizza with taco toppings and some mini sandwiches.

I put together a list of things that are easy for me to throw together or things that I can do the night before. This party is ALSO a big huge thank you party to all our friends who helped us get into our house and made it a home. So many people helped us move, rip out carpet, put up curtains, etc, etc, etc.... AND they have just been overall supportive.

So I wanted to have nice food for everybody :) I actually have a gift card to our local supermarket that I got from Chris' parents, so money isn't an issue. I want to buy nice ingredients and serve up some lovely food. I am going to stick to the paleo menu at my own party, though :D

Lots of Love and Light!

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  1. Your party and menu sound awesome! Hope you have a great night with your friends & this really kicks off the feeling of the house as YOUR home. :)