Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Walking the dog, thinking about heart health

Got the dog all walked already, did it as soon as I woke up. It always feels great to be out and about in the morning, getting stuff done. Sometimes I forget that when I am in a warm and cozy bed. But I am always grateful to myself when I get out of the comfy bed and hit the day full on.

Still a little cold here in Albany, but spring is coming, for sure. Temps will be in the upper 30s and low 40s for the next few days.... can't wait till the temps are in the upper 40s and 50s!! I can't wait for flip flops, tshirts, etc. Makes jumping out of bed to get the dog walked so much easier :)

On the dog walk today, I listened to a Jillian Michaels' podcast from last month. She was talking about heart health, describing a news article she had read of a 35 year old woman who was pregnant who had a heart attack... with no symptoms or idea that she had heart disease.

Jillian had on a guest doctor and they talked about how women sometimes present symptoms of a heart attack differently that men AND they are not forceful enough with doctors to let them know they think something is wrong (whereas a doctor might write their symptoms off as anxiety or indigestion when they are really signs of impending heart troubles). Because of social and cultural norms, women are less likely to be heard or to try to make themselves heard. They will even write off their own worries as silly anxiety....

Scary stuff!

It's our health and our bodies and women need to feel like they have the right to be in control of it.

So while I am talking about heart health, I thought I would link to some information to keep YOUR hearts healthy out there!

FIve medication-free ways to keep your heart healthy (this one reminded me that even though coconut oils are healthy fats... I still have to consume them in moderation, it IS a saturated fat)

The CDC's list of risks and preventions

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

As I get older, hear about women in my age-bracket who are suffering from heart disease or having a heart attack... I think about this more and more.

I do my best to mitigate the risks. And as I heard on Jillian's podcast, heart disease is a MAJOR killer of women and ALSO one of the most preventable. So eat healthy, limit trans fats in your diet, keep moving, don't smoke and don't drink excessively!

Namaste <3


  1. As usual, loving your posts.

    Heart health is near and dear to me as I watch my mom suffer repeatedly through the ramifications of heart disease.

    I'm sure you just gave a lot of people something to think about!

  2. My mother went into A-fib a little over a year ago, and now has to be on Pradaxa for the rest of her life. I understand why this is so important to you.