Monday, March 4, 2013

Needing some social pressure...

I had to make the decision to make a public declaration (on social media) to tell the people who see me regularly that I am going back to eating paleo/primal.

It felt strange to do, because I kind of trend towards keeping talk about my health/fitness choices a little on the quiet side offline unless someone asks me about it. There are only a few people on the health/fitness bandwagon in my social life, so I don't like to sound preachy or anything.

But, keeping my attempts to get back to paleo to myself is backfiring! When I socialize, there is a lot of temptation and only a small voice in the back of my head cautioning me not to indulge in the beer or the bread or the chips (yesterday being an example, ayiyi). It's hard to listen to that voice. I am trying to be strong, but I need a little help. I have to be honest about my goals and my plans... if I know everyone around me knows I am eating paleo/primal, I will probably not reach for the chips so I don't look like a massive hypocrite.

Public judgement might not be the HEALTHIEST reason to abide by a dietary choice.... but these social events are my danger zone and I know it. I don't eat poorly at home. And I don't want to stop socializing. So I need to feel a little social pressure to keep on track.

I know none of my friends would think less of me for going off plan when I ate at their houses... but they would know I WAS eating off plan, and that's enough for me to stick to it. I need the support. Also, if they know this is important to me, they might help and keep the temptations to a minimum (they did in the past, and I was SO grateful!).

If I can clean up my outside-of-the-house eating, I will stop undoing all the hard work I do at home!

This time, getting back to a paleo way of eating for me is not going to be as strict as the Whole30 rules I was adhering to last summer. It wasn't a sustainable way to eat for me, but it was close! So the only differences from strict paleo that I will have (if I stick to plan) will be:

- my one loaf of clean, gluten-free bread a week (shared with Chris)
- brown rice once or twice a month when eating out at a restaurant (rice doesn't affect me as much as wheat and isn't a trigger food for me, but I would still like to limit it in favor of proteins and veg)
- 2-3 glasses of wine a week

Food shouldn't be entertainment, and I need to stop acting like it is in order to relieve my anxieties. But I will be realistic and honest and admit to you all that I AM very anxious still, and those glasses of wine will be very much enjoyed. But there is no need to overdo it!

Last week was actually a great success with eating and exercise, weighing in still at 125 (ideal!), but this weekend was tough as it was full of celebrations. My birthday is tomorrow and I will celebrate with a healthy meal with the man I love :)

Moving forward from here on out. My birthday is tomorrow. My March 19th goal of being in a better place is approaching. Looking ahead, making good choices THIS day and all the coming days :)

Namaste <3


  1. There have been a lot of studies that suggest that sharing your goals on social media actually benefit people in a HUGE way! I think it keeps you honest, focused, and accountable. It certainly helps me!


  2. Good for you for telling your friends/family your plans, and I do hope they support you in your food choices once again. I also believe "putting it out there" is a big help in keeping you accountable.

    I also like your adaptations to the paleo way of eating. It's your body, you decide what goes in it ;)