Monday, October 1, 2012

Feeling the burn...

Of moving. Jeez!

My biceps and chest muscles are KILLING me.

Not doing too much moving tonight, just bathroom stuff and some books. Tomorrow is the computer and SUPER heavy computer desk. I needed a rest before attempting it.

First morning at the new house went okay. It is going to take everyone a while to get into a routine. The dog is going a little bonkers. Just have to keep reminding myself to have compassion for him, because his whole life changed, too.

The cat is complaining, too, but I don't feel too bad for him. He has several new and awesome perches and window views and whatnot. Living with a dog isn't awesome for him, but we will all adjust :)

Life goes on. Can't wait to settle down. Eating is insane. Two eggs this morning, chicken breast and orange juice for lunch, and chicken saag from an Indian restaurant for dinner. Not gaining weight. Not being super healthy, either. I will get back into normalcy soon, till then: trying my best!


  1. Jeanette, I wish I could say something more helpful...even having been through this situation twice, I always find myself at a loss for words when a friend loses a parent suddenly. All I can really tell you is I do empathize with the surreality of the situation and warn you that it takes a long time to get used to the new normal. My brother still lives in the house where we grew up and every time I visit him, I *still* expect to see my parents in their usual spots, stuff like that. But you are doing all the right things and keeping your head on as straight as possible, which is the best thing you can do for yourself and for your dad's memory.

  2. You are being so incredibly strong. Get through each moment and each task the best you can. I wish I had words... thinking of you.

  3. You actually sound like you're holding up really well. It'll take time for everyone (dogs and cats included) to settle in. Hang in there.