Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday... ah, Monday

I used to never be the kind of person who complained about Mondays. Monday is just another day of the week, no better or worse.

But now that Monday brings with it super early wake ups AND Chris leaving for five days.... I am starting to kind of hate on Monday. Grr.

So, yeah, today is Monday. Bringing with it a little bit of funk. Going to miss Chris, a lot. A lot, a lot. But life goes on and there is a lot to do and I will focus on all of that and watch some bad TV and take care of the dog and then Friday will be here and he will be home :)

Friday/Saturday were not good eating days for me. Friday was the surprise party my friends threw for us and I ate and drank a lot of completely processed, bad for me things. The hangover on Saturday while we were moving/running errands.... I might blame that for the INSANE decision to eat pizza (oh my, I do love pizza... it was one of the reasons I went paleo, because I think I was obsessed with pizza... I had an amazing slice on Satuday, but that is my last slice of pizza for the year, no more!) and then eat fries when I went out to dinner with friends on Saturday.


Consequence: up to 124 pounds from 121 last week. Three pounds is ridiculous.

Not that I think being 124 pounds is ridiculous, it's a very low weight for me. I just want to find a healthy, stable balance before the holidays start up... there is no reason for my weight to fluctuate so much.

So, using this long week without Chris to really lock down on my eating and to go back to super clean, health-focused eating. Eating for pleasure has become a pretty common behavior for me this past month.

Chris and I also decided to go back to a pretty strict version of paleo for the holidays, so that we can keep ourselves in check and not start binging on pies and cheese and things, haha.

Not to much else new on this front.... we finished moving basically (which is great, means I can focus my energies on organizing the house instead of cramming more junk into it!) and are plugging along with everything else. Life is not easy right now. Chris and I have been reduced to tears more than once... we are learning, feeling, growing up, changing.

It is a painful, but necessary, process called life.

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