Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We fared through the hurricane very well... we didn't lose power and nothing appears amiss in my neighborhood. In fact, I fell asleep at 9:30 and never saw any rain (the weather people said it would rain ALL day yesterday, heavily... we only had a sprinkline!).

I got something for Koda in the mail yesterday: Composure dog treats! They are meant for high stress/high anxiety dogs to help them chill out for things like car rides, vet visits, etc. I gave him one just to see if it changed his mood at all.... UHHHH totally did. This is him at 7:30 last night:

This is a dog that NEVER stops moving and thinking and playing and worrying till late at night. He is just such a high energy dog... even four miles of walks and outside play time doesn't touch his demeanor. He is a sweetheart, just insanely energetic!

Sooooo... we had a good night last night, haha. Very chill, watched some bad TV, cuddled and went to bed early.

Pretty damn grateful!

My weight is holding at about 125... I am up because I partied pretty damn hard, haha. My fiance is going strict paleo starting today, so that is going to help us get on track and healthy for the holidays especially.

We have good days and bad days. Yesterday was a good day. Here's hoping today is too :)

Love to everyone who had to suffer from the hurricane, I hope today is better for you!


  1. WHERE did you find those treats??? I NEED them for Lotus!

    1. I got them off Amazon (only like 12 dollars for 60 treats!)... my dog trainer recommended them!