Sunday, October 14, 2012

Food in the kitchen cabinets??? (also: dress update)

My kitchen is all set up, finally. It has a mix of items from my childhood and items from my new life with Chris. Keeping little mementos of my dad around, too. He spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

It's weird to re-appropriate space in the kitchen for what makes sense for me and Chris.

We realized we basically only use our refrigerator and two shelves to keep food in. My dad used to have three cabinets, a full pantry, and the fridge!

I guess we are of the mindset that you buy food and you eat it and then you go get more. Haha.

We don't stockpile at all!

Also, the food we buy and eat would go bad if we didn't consume it within a week. Because it is actual, real food. My dad was a little bit more of the huge boxes of cereal/bags of chips/boxes of crackers/bags of pasta/etc/etc/etc type.

It makes me proud of me and Chris and how we have completely changed our lives from how we were raised :) We are a fresh meat/veggie/fruit eating family. Our small stock of un-refrigerated goods are lara bars, sunflower butter, nuts and..... well, I can't off hand think of anything else!

Simple eating. I like living this way.

I like changing up the kitchen. My dad was a super unhealthy eater... I like giving the room a new feel.

Had a family dinner with my uncles and cousins last night.  Totally ate non-paleo and ate a lot of it. I didn't care. I was so happy to see everyone at the same time I was insanely depressed that my dad wasn't there. I am a bit of a mess. One day at a time, that's all I keep reminding myself.

Also, a little side note:

My wedding dress came in, and I have been putting off picking it up because it is kind of terribly bittersweet. I finally went yesterday to pick it up. I tried it on first, just to make sure. Immediately, the lady helping me had to pin all this extra fabric around my waist back because it was HUGE in the waist...

But it was too tight in the chest!! My chest area is bigger than my waist??? Hahahaha, I don't see that when I look at myself and I don't think about myself that way... but the lady actually gave me a high five because she thought I had such a nice body (Haha! I blushed, but was very pleased).

So they have to order a size eight in place of the six I had ordered (I think the sample dress was all stretched out, so it fit me in the chest) so that it will fit me up top.... they promised that they will be able to take in the dress around the waist enough and still keep the dress beautiful (because now there will be even more loose fabric at the waist).

I hope it all turns out well. I love that dress. My dad got to see me in that dress before he died, so it's very important to me that that is what I wear on my wedding day.


  1. It is certainly less stressful to eat in a simple way. I know when I go to the store, I just focus on buying meats & veggies because I know I will come up with some kind of meal with very limited ingredients. The only drawback is more frequent trips to the store which can be a pain in the arse...

    Everything is going to work out beautifully with your dress...if you love it now, wait til it fits right. You are gonna freak ;)

  2. So good that your dad got to see you in the dress. Awesome!