Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I am feeling both.

More than I have ever felt them before in my life.

With no foreseeable end in sight.

I know there is an end to it, eventually. But it is so. far. away.


Struggling with the dog's behavior, struggling with giving the dog, cat, horse all the attention they need deserve.

Where does that leave Chris?

Where does that leave me???

Struggling to eat right. There is no exaggeration when I say I literally don't have time in the day to shop/make food/eat. Moving, legalities, work, cleaning out my dad's house, cleaning the house, taking care of the animals. I never thought I would be spouting excuses, but here they are.

Exhausted. And sad.

Looking for a break.

Going to the vet on Saturday, hoping to get the dog into some kind of daycare program for a little while so I can at least stop running home at my lunch hour (which means I am grabbing whatever out the fridge and eating it in between cleaning up after the dog, etc).

Damn it.

I hate this.

1 comment:

  1. Dude, with everything you have been going through I think being exhausted & depressed is a totally normal reaction.

    The good news is that you know that this too shall pass and you are already working on ways to fix it (doggy day care).

    You are adjusting to a whole new life that was thrown on you unexpectedly. I live two hours away...I have nothing to do today, give me your address and I will bring you some Paleo food. My freezer is stocked with yummy stuff thanks to my CrossFit friends who are helping me right now. Not kidding. :)