Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Retail therapy... Halloween dress!

So, I got SOME stuff done today. Dog is all walked, the final accounts are transferred into my name (phone, power, etc), and the like.

And I needed to stop by the mall to go to the phone store to do something in person.... figured it wouldn't kill me to just take a LOOK at my favorite store (haven't shopped in months!).

I needed a dress for Halloween because the one I was going to wear is TOO big and I don't feel cute in it at all (mind you, this is a dress I wore this past New Years and felt killer in... and its too big now!).

I saw this dress and it goes along with my theme (Sexy Wolf hahahahahahah I know, I know)... though, uh, a little too sexy. But I made a decision. I feel insanely awesome in this dress. I feel like a femme fatale. Like I could take the world by storm. I don't CARE if it is a little inappropriate. This was awesome therapy for me, I smiled :)

Here's the pictures of me, reveling in being the smallest I've ever been, fitting into a skin tight, showing all flaws, faux-leather, size SMALL dress :D 

Heck. I might even wear this for New Years this year :D

I will post my final costume pictures this weekend (I've got some furry leg things and a big old wolf hood and FACE PAINT yeah).


  1. P.S. It's nice to see you smile. :)

    1. :) Thank you for both comments!! I have never ever in my life been this size... and I've been grieving for most of the time I HAVE been this size, so I am going to go all out and enjoy the heck out of showing it off this weekend :D