Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Anti-climax of Halloween

I love Halloween. LOOOOOOVE it.

But the actual day is often very... disappointing, especially when it doesn't fall on a weekend.

The Halloween party I went to was amazing.

Today... well, I don't know what I am going to do. Several friends are going out to see a band and dress up again. I don't know that I have the energy for it. Got to be up early tomorrow to get Koda to daycare. (ugh haha I feel like such a boring person to say that!). Others are getting together to eat junk and watch movies. Hmmm, not my ideal situation. Trying to be healthy with my eating while I am not really working out.

We'll see, we'll see.

I just got back from the Farmer's Market held on the state plaza (right outside where I work). Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and amazing gluten free bread (okay, I haven't gone strict paleo with Chris yet... I really am struggling to do so!).

Decently tired today. Chris came home last night from traveling.. it was actually kind of a hard night for us. He was a little stressed and anxious... and I tried my best to have patience for it, but it is so, so, so hard when *I* am insanely stressed and anxious pretty much every second of the day. But we'll work through it. This is a hard time... I can't forget that both our lives just got uprooted and this is still new and we still don't know how to do it right!


Putting it out there that I am not going to eat ANY processed Halloween candy today. Those little mini bars trigger me so hard. My dad used to keep them in the house ALL year. Ack! I would go through handfuls a day. Nuh-uh. Not today. Going to eat well today. Not going to let celebrations derail me. I can still watch movies with my friends or go out dancing with them without candy, haha. Also: no alcohol. I hit my limit on Saturday. None for a good, long while.

So that's my promise to myself.

Hope everyone else has a happy and healthy Halloween :)

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