Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What to do with pulled pork leftovers?

Shepherd's pie!!

Make it paleo: make the pulled pork yourself, no BBQ sauce, just yummy broth and spices. Also: sweet potato topping!

It was seriously yummy. I had to stop myself from getting thirds :D It got Chris' seal of approval, too!!

I love being home and cooking!! 23 dollars of pork had supplied at least 8 meals for two people (not counting when Chris puts it in his eggs or has it as a snack!).

We made an Asian dish with the pork lady night, had pulled pork all weekend and shared with a friend.

This is a picture of the pork after being slow cooked for 9 hours, pre-pulling:

Back in the swing of things. We've been pretty good paleo-eaters (about 95%) and feeling good :) Home cooking, fresh food, etc. Being home in general is good for the soul!