Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Walking the stairs...

We are up on the fourth floor of the hotel for work this week. It's been a slow week so far (not doing a ton on Monday and then a rain day yesterday) so Chris and I have taken to walking the stairs at the hotel! I did a little hotel room workout yesterday and also got out of the hotel for a little while to walk around the local cemetery (and got wet for my troubles, but it was worth it!).

Back to work today, things need to be made up because of the slowness so far!

I've been nursing a shoulder injury I haven't really talked about (because I don't want it to be real) but it is seeming more and more significant as the pain is not decreasing and it has been over two weeks now.

Every time I lift my arm more than parallel with the ground, my shoulder hurts pretty fiercely. If I bear weight on the shoulder in a particular way, boy do I feel it. It doesn't quite feel like the muscles, but like some attachment issue. I am assuming it is caused by the repetitive movement of digging... and because I am getting old :(. Most of the people over 30 on the crew definitely experience these sorts of repetitive movement pain by the time the fall hits in the year.

Definitely time to think about moving on from this path! I don't want to damage my joints and such.

I tried some push ups yesterday and they went pretty well, the pushing forward motion isn't what seems to be the pain, but the up and down on the side movement does hurt. I'm glad, because I like doing push ups and they are a great all over exercise.

Now I am off to get the day going, hope everyone has a great one!

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  1. OMG! So weird that you mention this shoulder pain (I'm not even sure it's necessarily the shoulder for me) but I've had the exact same pain when doing the movement you describe. It started in July and just hasn't gone doesn't hurt all the time just with certain movement so I'm able to keep it at bay. Let me know if you figure out what it is.