Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In response.. (dress pics!)

To some comments on my last post:

There was a comment about cravings when going off paleo and trying to get back on it. I am definitely feeling that!! I am SO hungry. Insanely hungry and hungry for all the wrong things. I want bread, bread, cookies, processed processed processed junk. Thank goodness I know how amazing my body feels when I am on paleo and that is enough to ignore the stupid cravings!

But it's a struggle... won't lie about that.

And to Norma, who didn't forget I went wedding dress shopping:

It was fun!

However, the first dress I put on, I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. I'm not used to seeing myself in those dresses. It was white and had a sparkly thing on the hip and lots of tulle (which I actually liked, but still!) and I laughed. The attendant was surprised at me for laughing and giggling so much.

I tried on about 7 dresses (and man, I am QUICK at putting on those dresses by myself.. can zip myself in and everything in less than a minute). I thought they all looked nice! I got to try on most all the dresses I wanted to...

But nothing was perfect. Little things made me not want them (way too heavy, way too big, hit me at the wrong place on my torso, etc) and I didn't fall in love with any of them.

The women in the shop were great and complimentary, saying I looked gorgeous, etc etc, haha.

I loved my profile from the side in most of the structured dresses, they made me look very small! However, from the front view, I felt very wide for some reason. The attendants and my friend told me I was crazy, I am not wide at all. But, that's the little bit of dysmorphia I do have hiding in my brain. I don't quite like myself in the mirror.

The attendant brought out one more dress, a dress I hadn't chosen to try on, saying she thought I would like it.

And, boy, did I!!!!

I immediately fell in love and couldn't stop looking at myself and twirling around in it. It's awesome. I didn't buy it, though! My mother in law is coming this weekend and she is going to look at it with me. I just want one more opinion (and mayyyyybe to try on some more dresses :D :D :D).

So, I will show you some pictures of me trying on dresses (these are dresses I am definitely NOT getting, so it doesn't matter if Chris sees them haha):

Loved this so much, almost perfect, but it is high in the front and shows my leg... not the look I am going for!

GORGEOUS, but it was SO SO SO heavy, couldn't move!
Also pretty, but toooo big (see in the mirror reflection how it just blooms out like a mushroom haha)
Loved this ALSO (sense a theme?) but the skirt wasn't quite killing it
Thought I looked pretty in this, but it's not my style exactly!

So now you see the no's. The possible yes will stay hidden!


  1. FUN!!! :) I kind of like the mushroom skirt one from the back, but you're right; it is wayyyyy too wide in the mirror view of the front. Have fun next time! :)

  2. Love! You are going to be such a beautiful bride!!

  3. could you look any happier in those pics?? OMG!!

    My fav of the not-chosen dress pics is the last one. Love the pink sash. You are going to be stunnin!!