Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ice Cream

Dairy has been a huge NO for me since we started paleo in the beginning of the year and no matter what other paleo cheats I have, dairy hasn't been one of them. I've been able to a lot of my gastrointestinal distress over the years to dairy (esp. milk and ice cream).

Last night, after eating clean and paleo all day (our dinner was amazing: baked sweet potatoes scooped out and refilled with all-natural ground turkey, avocado and salsa... eaten like a taco, so tasty!), we went for a walk in Albany, looking for a treat.

Positive of that choice: four mile walk

Negative of that choice: I ate a cup and a half of ice cream!

We stopped in at Emack and Bolio's, never having been there, knowing they have great chocolates (and I will eat chocolate... try to make it paleo as often as I can, but chocolate for me, yes!). Something got into me, an old type of craving, when I saw they had pumpkin ice cream. I ordered it with some chocolate addiction ice cream. I won't lie: it was deliciously satisfying!

I am paying for it: up a pound and a half 126.4. Am putting myself on strict paleo for a while.... I am obviously making a few bad food choices!

What was kind of interesting though, I only had a bloated stomach last night.... no big bathroom troubles, no huge pain in my lower stomach, nothing. Just a full feeling when I went to bed.

I still don't think dairy is great to eat and I won't be indulging in it much at all... but it's interesting to watch my body and it's reactions to foods now, since I've been off certain foods for so long! Maybe wheat was actually the culprit for some of my stomach pain in the past... and dairy just exacerbated it?

Either way: starting the day with eggs and vegetables today and have already packed a super clean lunch for work :)

Have a great day! Peace and love :)

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  1. I think what you've got here is moderation. I think it's unrealistic to say you would NEVER have ice cream again (especially a delicious combination like that...mmmmm) but you've had your treat, you feel its effects and now you're back to clean eating. :)