Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gluten free bait and switch!

Baited them in with delicious, moist, chocolate-y brownies.

Little did they know, they were gluten free!

Everyone loved them at my family BBQ and complimented me on them :D So I got to share a delicious treat with my family AND enjoy a more paleo friendly treat at a BBQ. I felt pretty good about it.

I love that in the past few years, there are more and more gluten-free/paleo/clean options for food that everyone loves. When people hear I try to eat paleo, they think I eat meat, veggies, and nuts day in and day out. But I get creative! I love my food, actually.

Just a quick little check in :)

Traveling for work with Chris this week. Pretty standard kind of week. Got to go to Wegman's and get groceries for the week, so we are eating some pretty awesome food that we got there. Great meat for lunch, almond milk yogurt, clean ingredient macaroons, etc. We also brought roasted sweet potatoes and other goodies from home. Trying our best out here away from home!

Made another wedding dress appointment for this weekend with Chris' mom. Want to see if I really love this dress. I am nervous to make a final decision!! (Also, I would never spend a ton of money on a dress.... but the little girl inside of me wishes I would, because I looooove some dresses I could never afford, haha!) But eventually, I have to make a decision. Hopefully, having my MIL with me will help. I wish I could have my actual mom with me... this is one time in my life I feel her absence quite clearly. It makes me a little sad sometimes.

But my future MIL is great and sweet and warm and giving. I can't complain... in fact, I can only be grateful for what I am gaining and not for what I have lost.

We finally asked people to be in our wedding party, too. My future SIL and my best friend in Albany (and Chris' two best friends for most of his life). They were all so warm and happy when we asked them! It left such a nice feeling in us, to know we have friends that love us :)

So ending this post on a good note!

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