Friday, September 21, 2012

Fighting off a cold...

With sleep, lots of sleep.

I got home from work, didn't even shower (a huge necessity after work for a field archaeologist!), laid down and fell asleep for four hours.

My throat is scratchy, my glands are a little swollen, and I feel gross. The nap helped TREMENDOUSLY, but still feeling a little under the weather.

Our two night camping trip this weekend got canceled due to weather. Even though Chris is really disappointed, I can't like and say I'm not pretty glad about that. I was totally going to have to flake on it, regardless of the situation. This way, I'm not flaking out on the trip, it just isn't happening!

Going to rest for the rest of the night (wooooooo Friday...), skip out on having drinks with people or going out to the movies like we were invited to and just heal. It's a better choice.

I hope I wake up tomorrow morning feeling a little brighter and ready for the world! I would like to get some serious purposeful exercise in.

I also hope I have the guts to weigh in tomorrow morning. I legitimately don't know what to expect! I didn't have a ton of activity this week, but ate decently within my calories, and stayed about 85- 90% paleo. But I'm not feeling great, either. We will see.

Also, I get to pick up my wedding dress tomorrow!!! It is dangerous for me to have it for a full year, haha, I am thinking about asking Chris' parents if I can store it at their house (they aren't smokers and don't have pets).

Till tomorrow, stay healthy!

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