Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tomorrow: wedding dress shopping

I am not a girly girl. And even though I have learned to dress feminine and behave with a modicum of femininity, I still am basically a tomboy. Chris calls me a tomboy all the time! I do prefer to be in athletic clothes and dirty than anything else!

But, I clean up pretty nice :) The past month, we've had several opportunities to get dressed up. I like more of the fun/funky style tops paired with short shorts or tighter dresses (nothing skin tight!) that are fun colors or designs.

I don't really do the high-heeled thing. Mostly because when we DO go out, we are walking, walking, walking to avoid drunk driving. I flip-flop the hell out of my outfits.

So, my girly side is comfortable with tomorrow's appointment to try on wedding dresses, that side is pretty much dying of excitement! My tomboy side cannot even IMAGINE what those dresses will look like on me and is horrified at the whole situation of having someone help me into big froofy white dresses.

The old, insecure, sad, fat girl inside of me is pretty sure that I am going to look like a sad, short, stocky little marshmallow.

I look at the pictures of the wedding dresses and the women modeling them are tall and thin and (usually) gorgeous. I am having a hard time seeing those dresses on me! Nervous for the reality of it tomorrow.

Now, despite these fears and anxieties, I think I am going to really go for it as far as styles, hahaha. I looooooove the church I am getting married in, it seems romantic and straight out of a fantasy novel, so I want a dress to match the mood. I want something dramatic and romantic and whimsical and and and...... you get the point :)

These are all from David's Bridal and ones I plan to try on, yikes! (I won't show the dress that I end up picking on my blog because Chris sometimes reads this!)

So, yep. Super girly. WOMANLY, I should say. Way out of my comfort zone. 

But I so want to feel romantic and beautiful and feminine on my wedding day. I think a dress like these would help me feel the part.

I'll let you all know how the appointment goes. I hope the person helping me is nice and comforting!


  1. You are going to look FABULOUS! Enjoy the choosing :-)

  2. Those are amazing dresses! Let us know how the appointment went!