Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Damage control

Alright, I have a confession to make... I went totally off paleo last week at work. Dinners out with bread, processed candy at lunch, I could go on and on. And I didn't tell you what I weighed on Friday... 128.

Technically, not bad. But since I've been riding 124 for almost a month steadily (I don't tend to fluctuate too much day to day), the four pound gain was pretty shocking. I was hoping it was repercussions for going off paleo and NOT actual four pounds of fat, yikes. There was no way I ate 14,000 extra calories last week!!

So, back on track, went completely paleo this labor day weekend and tracked my calories very carefully. I didn't get in any exercise for a number of stupid reasons.

But getting my eating on plan was enough. Yesterday I weighed in at 127 and today I am at 125.

Lessons learned!!

I am eating this way for a reason. My body likes this. It doesn't inflame or bloat with paleo. It is happy and healthy when I feed it clean!

Off to another week traveling for work (no bread at restaurants for me this time! :D)


  1. Good job owning up to it and getting back on track.

  2. The same thing happens to me when I go off paleo! I can tell instantly my body is not happy with the food I ate!
    Great job getting right back into it though, I always find I have TERRIBLE cravings for 2-3 days after I cheat!