Thursday, April 10, 2014

What a difference Spring makes!

Long walk by the river with Koda today - getting some sun on my skin for the first time in a very long time:

Things are going well - my side job (subcontracting for an archaeology firm) is coming together.. We already have two well-paying jobs lined up! Busy with school and teaching. Working out every day (yoga and a little strength training) and finding moments to relax with Chris or friends.

Spring is a really welcome change. It's amazing the effect that seasons can have on us. This cold, blustery, long winter was really dragging on my spirit. But sun on my skin changed that all in a heart beat!!

Short today - I have a lot to do, working on my lecture and hopefully going over the job I'm doing this weekend.

Namaste <3


  1. so glad the change of seasons is lifting your spirit. I cannot fathom living in a place with such a brutal winter. I'm too much of a weather baby; I own that evil. ;)

  2. It's still on the cooler side here but the sun's rays are becoming stronger. I so agree the sun does make a difference. I'm less grumpy and so are my fellow colleagues and commuters!