Friday, April 18, 2014

Night Out

I ate really well and simply yesterday because I planned on joining a group of friends for dinner out. We went to The City Beer Hall (a favorite of mine... it's where Chris and I had brunch a few weeks ago) with a group of ten, I had a great time!!

I drank a new favorite beer (Rushing Duck Bauli Saison) and had a lovely fresh salad with grilled chicken:

Beer was my treat for the night :) 

I actually didn't end the night there! It just so happened that one of my favorite bands, American Babies, was playing at a local bar last night. I had gotten a text from my friend inviting me, and last second I decided to go.

I had a dinner companion drop me off, I had another beer and danced the whole time!! 

(not used to drinking much anymore, so I was a little tipsy!)

It was an unexpected night of seeing a lot of friends, having a really great time, seen some great music, and laughing and dancing!

I haven't let loose like that in a long time. I've been very good about being moderate with my diet and my finances lately. So, last night actually felt sweeter because of my hard work!

I drank three beers, purposefully and with no regrets! I ate a balanced dinner and danced a ton- weighed 122.8 this morning, so up a pound, but I don't mind! I made the choice last night and I'd make it again :)

Now back to regularly scheduled programming: no alcohol today, that's for sure!, clean and paleo foods, dog walking, yoga, errands, and then I have another archaeology set up to do this afternoon.

Last night was great, but it was so great because it's not a typical evening for me - I really, really savored every moment!

Enjoy your moments today :)

Namaste <3


  1. This post made me think of my middle. Age 20. One of her favorite things about college is dancing. High school only had a few dances a year. College has lots of dancing.

    1. I absolutely love dancing - Getting totally lost in the music and using your body to add to the whole experience is awesome!

  2. I like dancing, but there aren't any cool places to do that in my city :( There's always my house though!

  3. Always good to shake things up once in a while :) Looks like you had a blast!