Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ditching the scale?

Things are going well in this neck of the woods:

- starting a side job soon that will bring in some much needed $$$ (and I get to be my own boss!)

- learning to not take angry/failing students and their rants personally

- I enjoyed a beautiful spring day yesterday, visited my horse and took a long walk with Koda

- no tracking is still going great!

- food has been fresh, delicious and clean :)

- weighed in at 121.8 this morning - low end of my range!!

Like Gwen at has been experimenting with, I wonder if/when I'll ever reduce my weigh-ins! 

I can't go cold turkey with it like I did when I stopped tracking my calories. But, I weigh in every day right now (just once, in the morning, right after I wake up... So not obsessively throughout the day, but definitely everyday). I could see an experiment in my future where I only weigh in once or twice a week, then less than that if that's successful.

However, not tracking is still a very new and tentative thing for me. And while I trust in the process and I'm learning to trust myself, I want some more time to build more confidence in myself before I drop the scale as well as my tracking.

Don't want to get ahead of myself!!

It has just been so freeing to not be tied to my calorie app all day- now, don't get me wrong, it's a great tool that I would recommend anybody who is trying to get a handle on learning about portion sizes or how much food they should be eating. It help me lose weight and keep the weight off for a long time.

But, I don't think it's the right tool for me for the rest of my life! It's exciting to see that I simply don't need it right now.

Ok - I will leave you with a picture of my horse and a picture of the first flower I've seen this Spring AND a wish that you have a gorgeous day!!


  1. Thanks for the mention, Jeanette!

    Well, this less reliance on the scale feels like it's working for me. Other than a tiny bit 1 day (2 days ago) of stress and sleepless night sugar consumption of less than 200 or less calories...I feel like my eating is still spot on. I feel like perhaps weighing only a couple of times a month might work on me. At this juncture of my life. But it's still new, and my 2 week experiment won't end until Friday morning, so we'll see how I am (on the scale) at that point. BUT this is the longest I've successfully gone not slipping up/eating off the hook when not weighing daily. It FEELS like I've graduated, emotionally, into 'normal' weight maintenance/mind frame, fully capable of trusting my food life style and my ability to channel any stress or emotional issues into more healthy ways that don't involve overeating. Even when I had the sugar, I kept it pretty tightly lidded, and the very next day went back to pristine primal eating. With no residual cravings at all. (probably because no chocolate was involved.) I think this primal eating is truly becoming emotionally and mentally who I am now, and I trust the science and personal results enough to adamantly never plan to return to SAD ways of eating/overeating. I gotta say, it's SO liberating and mind blowing to feel this free from the trappings of obesity!! :)

    I know you can get there too! You have a few issues you need to work through, but you are doing it beautifully! :)

  2. I think you needed all you mentioned (practice/learning about food and years of maintenance). I think everyone needs that. I have seen a LOT of people let their ego get involved, fast forward without really learning/applying, and end up with regains. Often these people never got to goal to start, so they are sitting at goal + 50 pounds and feeling really bad/embarrassed/like failures.

    I also think you are smart to do this in stages - stop tracking first to see if your mind/food stays steady while using the scale as a safety net.

    I have seen a lot of people with d-i-e-t mentality (bits and bites and playing games and using substitutes and not eating real food) who think they have it figured out and really do not.

    This works for you because (in my opinion) you are eating real food, your food is very balanced, you are eating at meal time, you are exercising for health benefits, you are working on your inner stuff and progressing. You have put in the time, effort. This is a natural progression/step for you.

  3. You seem to be doing great Jeanette....and I really like the picture of your horse and that Spring Flower

    All the best Jan

  4. I'm loving your new attitude!! Yes, keep weighing in for now but great job on not counting your food and trusting your ability to know what to eat.

  5. You're doing so well! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? You know my issues with the scale, which is why it's out of the house again. I love that pony!

  6. Hi from NYC! Just found your blog and love the mix of good, animals and nature :)
    daffodils are just up down here in the city. I am eating low carb higher protein and feeling good.

  7. Yay spring! I'd say keep weighing....and that way you can catch on rather quickly if the no tracking is having any negative affect! :-)