Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Crazy Monday!

Yesterday was a crazy, busy, stressful day! Just lots of little life loose ends to tie up and work to be done. I was a little frazzled! But I am down a pound from my Game of Thrones feast gain, so that's nice. Didn't do anything different yesterday, just went back to normal. Betting I will be back to 122 tomorrow, as I will be eating and exercising normally today, as well.

I didn't get a walk in yesterday, though, because I was so busy (I did do a quick 15 minute leg strength workout). Someone came to my door (loooong story - but basically I stupidly fell for a energy provider switch because they presented themselves like they were MY energy company, and I was so stressed and frazzled, I gave them my info... in the process of canceling that now, once I realized they were a SEPARATE company. I can't believe I fell for the sneaky sales pitch!!) and while I was dealing with them, Koda ate my lunch I had set up on the counter! Nooo - goodbye beautiful roast chicken :(

I was NOT happy! I was starving, because it was late (2 PM) and all I had eaten that day was cottage cheese and berries and coffee!! I had been so busy, lunch was delayed. And, wah, my protein source was gone (rare time where my fridge wasn't stocked with pre-cooked protein sources! Makes me remember why I always prep in advance... to avoid freak outs!)

I couldn't take him on a walk (too busy AND a little POed!), so he had to wait for Chris to come home to get his walk, hahha.

But I got everything taken care of (teaching, bills, copays, lecture notes, assignments, picking up wedding dress, banking, insane emails, paperwork for new job me and Chris will be working on, etc, etc, etc nonstop all day crazy) and just chilled out after a late dinner.

I forgot to show you this fun picture from a hike we did this weekend - Koda found a perfectly sized toy for himself!!

And here's my wedding dress all cleaned and preserved!

I am now off to visit my horse, run a couple errands, come home and finally give Koda a long walk (hahaha, now we have made up after the great lunch debacle) :D

Have a great day! I am hoping for a much calmer day then I had yesterday!

Namaste <3


  1. OMG that picture of Koda! Hilarious! My boyfriend has a dog around that size (German Shepherd/Mastiff mix) but she prefers tiny stuffed animals that make a noise when she chews on them.

    I'm a sucker for dogs and their toys. I think they're all adorable lol :)

  2. Isn't it something how they always act like they're starving? As if they will never eat again? Lika stole a turkey burger that I had left on the counter once & demolished it in about 2 seconds. Dang dogs. :-)

  3. Sometimes crazy days can be good days ....they make you appreciate your other calmer days.

    Koda is great !

    All the best Jan