Saturday, April 5, 2014

Roast Chicken, Banana "Ice Cream"

A few food firsts last night:

Usually Chris makes the roast chicken around here (I find whole raw chicken gross haha), but he was busy installing new flooring. So I tried my hand at it. It turned out beautifully:

AND tasty! Tender, juicy, flavorful. 

Still learning about cooking over here :) I defer to Chris for roasting chicken and cooking fish... He's really good at both, but I need to make sure my skills are up for when he's traveling! As I said, I really hate handling raw chicken. Especially the whole raw carcass!!! Giblets are gross. But, since I'm a meat eater, I have to learn to be a grown-up and deal with the squick factor of my food.

Other first: I finally attempted to make that Paleo banana "ice cream" everybody's been talking about! You basically slice up a banana per person, let it freeze for about two hours, throw it in the food processor and purée it till becomes ice cream. It really did seem like magic, haha!!

I added a tablespoon of sunflower seed butter and a dash of honey, it was a decadent, lovely treat.

No picture because it got eaten way too fast. Also, its not the most beautiful looking thing. Especially my dull brown sunflower seed butter flavor!

It will definitely be added to our summer treat rotation. It has minimal ingredients, is totally clean, and absolutely Paleo!! Frozen stuff is nice to eat in the heat. Also looking forward to creating new flavors with the banana base.

Usually not a fan of SAD desserts recreated in a Paleo way, but this was way too simple to not try. Totally worth it! As I said in a previous post, I do think it's important to enjoy your food and take pleasure from it, otherwise you don't feel satiated, which can lead to over eating. I eat a banana with sunflower seed butter almost every day anyway, why not freeze it up and make it fun :)

Down to 121.8 .... !!!!! Without even TRYING! Not tracking has been amazing (as long as I do the work about recognizing true hunger and emotional hunger, and being realistic about what is healthy and what is not). 

I'm staying active every day, eating when hungry - and eating whatever I crave (in the house stocked with Paleo food only haha... So my "cravings" aren't junk food but I try to listen to my body and see if it needs a salad or if it needs protein or if it needs some fruit.)

I just can't express to you guys how much my disordered mind is shocked that I CAN trust my body and my mind to regulate naturally. So thankful I'm doing the emotional work right, removing that stressor is allowing my eating to happen naturally for the first time in 22 years.

Excited for this beautiful Spring Sunday- off to the co-op I go!!



  1. Good news, Jeanette! I think I have to try that frozen banana thing...but add some cinnamon to it. YUM!!! Thanks for the tip!

    And I don't know if you've been reading, but I'm breaking my scale habit too. Different reasons (I needed to step back from my arbitrary-number-related goal obsessions)...but same method. Less scale. More reliance on just good healthy primal eating. Let my body's own perfect number happen. :)

  2. That chicken looks great.....

    All the best Jan

  3. I used to do frozen, raw, chopped walnuts with the frozen bananas. Added walnuts after purée ing the banana. (Discovered food sensativity to bananas, so no more, but agree, most delicious).

  4. YUM, that chicken looks great. I too hate handling chicken raw!

    I'm wrapped that you are trusting your body and figuring out that while you eat clean and to a paleo template your body simply won't gain weight (if you listen to it, not binge of course). Well done.

  5. I've made my share of banana ice cream in my vegan days ... It's quite tasty!

  6. I shred a little 100% cacao on top. It's heavenly.