Friday, April 25, 2014

Girls' Night

Last night was a Girls' Night, and I hosted it!

Great on two counts:

1- it motivated me to clean the entire downstairs SUPER well (every nook and cranny, deep cleaned)

2- I got to choose the snacks!

Food I put out: fresh berries, carrots, snap peas, cherry tomatoes and garlic hummus (not technically paleo but not bad- good as far as dips go, I was looking for baba ganoush but there was none at the store), and almonds!

So while I did drink wine, my dinner was basically veggies and fruit and nuts.

Same weight as yesterday: 123 :) I have a busy weekend ahead - a day of fieldwork and a day of hiking. No time or energy for bad eating choices ahead! Hoping to see 122s after an active weekend.

Short and sweet today - the dog needs walking and work needs doing.

Take care of mind, body and spirit this weekend!!

Namaste <3


  1. We have several places we go, we as a family, where I call well in advance to say - how about if I just bring all the food? For exactly the reasons you were glad to host because it gave you control over the food. We are hard for most people to feed - vegan, vegetarian, me. It is just easier on everyone if I pack/take.

    1. Yeah, it just made it super easy for me! And I feel good that I provided nutritious snacks instead of junk so my friends get all the benefits too!

    2. And everything you served was easy peasy. Not labor intensive. Maybe you will start a trend.

  2. Sounds an enjoyable night:)

    All the best Jan

  3. How fun! I need to do some reconnecting with my friends. As most of us have multiple kids, we don't make the time for girl's night (even though we should). I should plan something. You may have inspired me lol.

  4. Why do you weigh yourself everyday? That's so OCD and studies have shown that it doesn't result in healthy weight loss. No judgement..just want you to live your best life.

    1. No worries!! But there are studies that show the opposite too- that people who weigh themselves daily are the most successful at keeping weight off long-term. I think it's how you do it, mentally... I need the check in but I don't let the scale determine my mood anymore!! But now that I'm not tracking, I want to make sure I'm not going off the rails!

    2. I think if you are not tracking, daily weighing is really important, at least in the beginning. And that is taking into consideration how cleanly you eat. Someone eating restaurant food or a lot of processed, and not tracking can be all over the place, regain easily if they are not weighing.

      If someone is really in a groove/routine with their meals and exercise, it is possible to neither weigh nor track, but that requires a firm set of factors, in my experience.

      A lot of regainers THINK they really know, do not need to track nor weigh and end up in a very bad place.

      If one uses the scale simply as a tool, to show if their food is balanced enough to maintain, in exchange for tracking, it can be a real asset.