Sunday, April 13, 2014

Best workout outfit of all time!

First, I'll say that this weekend was all around great: got work done, was active MOST of the weekend (seriously, not much downtime!), hung out with my husband the whole time AND ate really clean!

My dinner on Saturday night - natural sausages roasted in the oven, organic green peas, and a yellow cauliflower mash with curry-type spices:

No picture, but my dinner on Sunday was grass-fed beef burgers in a lettuce "bun" with sweet potato wedges, raw tomato and pickles!

Breakfasts and lunches were on point, as well. I did eat a little too much chocolate on Saturday after field work because I realllllly wanted it. It was a purposeful choice, I own it!

Anyway, on to my amazing outfit.

We went to the local pine bush preserve for a hike - I thought it was going to rain because the forecast said it would (but it turned out to be the MOST PERFECT 75 degree, sunny, amazingly beautiful day I've ever experienced). So, I wore galoshes, sweatpants and a hoodie... it's a flat-ish hike that I've done a million times, so I don't usually bother with all of my actual hiking gear.

I ended up rolling my sweatpants up because it was too hot, and showing off my men's "ride the pony" mustang t-shirt. I looked ridiculous:

But, you don't need to LOOK athletic or like you know what you are doing to get a great workout. I spent most of my "workout" career looking like a crazy shlub. Only in the last few years have I built up a cool athletic wardrobe, and that is ONLY because when you hike in the elements (cold, rain, whatever), you really do need good, expensive gear to wick away your sweat, keep you warm and dry, etc.

But for running in the city, walking the dog, doing push ups in my house, etc... I look like a hot mess :D

Some pictures from the hike. I really, really love this place:

Alright - off for another busy Monday: meeting with the statistics guy in my department for help, lecturing, prepping powerpoints, walking the dog, taking the dog to the vet, then working on maps for my report!

Namaste <3


  1. More info on the sausages please. Ingredients? Local or from traditional store? Baking process?

    1. Sausages are just from the local grocery store - ingredient list is clean: pork, spices, etc... no nitrates or sodium added (I have ONE option of sausage at the normal store... all others have lots of crap in them). We just put the sausages on a cast iron pan, throw them in the oven at 350 degrees till they seem "done" (hahaha, we are very casual cooks!) and the texture is always SO nice, the cast iron pan puts a nice sear on them, too!

    2. Post a picture of package please. Frozen or meat department?

    3. No longer have the package, but it was in the meat department. My advice is to pick up all the prepackaged meats that have been processed (so, something like a sausage) and look at the back - they all have ingredient lists. I just make sure I only buy it if all the ingredients are natural! This is my fallback when I can't get local, pasture raised meat... at least I can avoid nitrates!

    4. Thanks I will look. I did not know there were any sausage options. I have not looked in a long time, but last time all were loaded (no clean options). That is why I wondered about actual package. Next time you buy, if you happen to remember to post pic, would appreciate it. I also have never looked in meat dept at food coop. There might be option there. My experience has been if it is processed at coop, it is still processed (just has buzz words like organic and healthy).