Monday, April 7, 2014

Game of Thrones Feast

If you knew me in real life, you would know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Game of Thrones is the MOST perfect television show ever for me. I have been a fantasy nerd since I started reading young adult fiction in my early teens, I've had this weird fascination with wolves (in that I truly believe the wolf is my totem animal) for as long as I can remember, I love me some eye candy (males and females, preferably dressed in armor and medieval-type gowns!) and I read the Song of Fire and Ice series before the show even aired. Die-hard fan.

Well, last night was the Season 4 premiere!

About 15 of us gathered at a friend's house who has a huge TV and HBO, had a Game of Thrones-styled dinner together and watched the opener together. So much fun! I had a blast, loved the episode and am REALLY excited for this season (as I said, I read the books, so I know what's coming, but I won't spoil it for you guys).

What is great about having the Game of Thrones style feast is that the food is not very processed and is very simple with bold flavors (they take recipes out of old medieval cookbooks and remake them in the Inn at the Crossroads Cookbook, which was used for this dinner!).

So what was on the menu?

ROAST TURKEY!!!, salad with greens/figs/nuts, beets prepared two ways, deviled eggs, chips/pitas with hummus, a sweet potato/quinoa salad, meat pies, a veggie platter and lemoncakes.

If you notice, there are only three things on that list that are huge no-nos for me: meat pies (because of the crust), the chips/pitas and lemoncakes.

I didn't eat any of those things :)

And I didn't drink last night!

But I did eat more than a normal meal for myself (I planned to, it was my indulgence for the week!) and ate a lot of turkey with gravy, a huge plate of salad and beets, and a big portion of the sweet potato salad. I also ate this food LATE AT NIGHT, like whoa.... I usually eat between 5:30 and 6:30. We started dinner around 7:30, but really ate more like 8 PM.

So I am up two pounds, no big surprise there - extra food, salty gravy, eating late.

Not stressed out about it. I am finally learning to trust my body. I KNOW my weight will drop in the next day or two as I return to my normal schedule and foods.

But I am proud I didn't eat any of the bread. That was my main goal - no bread or chips. I've been good about not eating chips, but I have been eating too much bread socially. But not last night.

It felt awesome to be social, allow myself in indulge in a few healthy, paleo foods, and feel good the next day.

This is my goal, this is what I am working towards.

Started my day off with my normal berries/cottage cheese breakfast and coffee. The dog is getting a loooooooong walk on this gorgeous Spring day when I am done teaching. I have sweet potatoes as a snack here at work and will eat some lovely pork chops with a big old salad for dinner!

Valar Morghulis ;)


  1. We have had wolves howling around our cabin this winter. It is a pretty wild sound.

  2. Well, probably up too because gravy has quite a bit of flour in it...but what's over is over.

    I love GOT too; we just got HBO so now we watch it live. woo hoo!

    But I also started Orphan Black last night, and we were blown away with how good THAT is.

    1. Yeah, the gravy was definitely an issue with the gain today, but I'm making big strides socially (no lemon cakes!!! oh man, how I love me some lemon cake!).

      GoT is such an amazing show - the landscapes, the settings, the costumes, the acting, the plot, the filmography, ohhhh boy!!

  3. I also like Game of Thrones, but sometime the sexual violence against the women on the show get to me and I have to stop watching for a while or just close my's just too much. But I like the fantasy/story of it all. I'm so ready for King Joffrey to die!!! (I haven't read the book and really don't know if he does, but my husbands read them and hinted that I'll like some stuff that happens in this season). Yalls party sounds so fun!!!! Enjoy your spring day!!! (It's a rainy spring day here..ha!)

    1. Definitely a little hard to watch at times for me too (usually it's the violence against animals that gets me freaked out OR was hard to read about originally!). There have definitely been complaints that GRRM is a little too hard on his female characters (but, if it is sort of modeled on Medieval-ish times, that was a real problem back then, too!)... I'm just glad he has some really strong, amazing female characters to balance it out!

  4. I've never watched Game of Thrones... but then there are many TV series I've not watched. Perhaps I might give it a go back from the start. Good job on the eating and not feeling guilty or counting calories etc!!

    1. Oh and speaking of wolves... that little grey toy sitting on that blanket I just made is a wolf!! We call it "doggy" but it is indeed a wolf.

  5. Sounds as if you had a ton of fun !

    Love the pork chops and salad for dinner.

    All the best Jan