Saturday, April 19, 2014

Breakfast for lunch!

I'm taking an easy Saturday! Chris and I worked late yesterday and I am tired! Chris is actually off for the day and night - he's hanging with some friends at their cabin overnight and playing music with them at a venue downstate (their bass player couldn't make it to the show). I am staying home, resting, watching Koda and giving Chris some much needed "guy time."

We woke up early, did some grocery shopping, and took Koda for a family walk before Chris left. I cleaned the house up, made myself lunch and am DONE for the day by noon :D I will do some yoga later and might work a little on some reports, but at my leisure :)

Lunch was great!! I made some of the fluffiest eggs I've ever made:

Eggs (scrambled with water and spices), roasted sweet potatoes and raw tomatoes!

Thoroughly enjoyed it, mmmmm.

Obviously another clean and grain free day going down in the books today :) Weight is steady: 122.8. Tired but feeling productive, healthy and happy!

Enjoy your weekend. Stop, breathe, remember that it's beautiful and special that we are here at all. Cherish it!

Namaste <3


  1. You are sounding so much better lately - this is good :) I love that you are not tracking so much yet still achieving success. We always have breakfast for lunch at the weekends... brunch... is that what you call it there too?

    1. I am feeling much better! Wondering if I was having some seasonal depression (long, hard winter!)... but, yeah, brunch!! We usually refer to brunch if we have breakfasty foods in between breakfast and lunch times (so replacing two regular meals with one kind of bigger, more special meal), lots of restaurants do a brunch on the weekends with cocktails and stuff!

  2. Love your breakfast for lunch! I had my Easter "brunch" with my daughter a day early this year. We ate breakfast out and took selfies. Great tradition. Glad your tracking transition to not tracking is going well.