Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The 1200 Calories Myth?

I ran across this article: 1200 Calories by Sophia Herbst and found it really interesting. I have also been guilty of this magic 1200 calories idea. When I first started losing weight in my low 20s, I ran across this information on the internet and decided I would never eat below 1200 calories but would try to eat as close to that as possible (usually hitting closer to 1400 because 1200 is NOT a lot of food, even bulked out with veggies).

It's interesting to me NOW, after almost a decade of learning about my body and about better nutrition, that I never eat below 1500 calories (and often closer to 1800). And I still can lose weight eating like this. I had a lot of things wrong early on - I definitely was starving myself early on, in retrospect, and that led to crazy binges because my body was so freaking hungry.

I just threw that article out there, just so everyone can start thinking about WHY they believe what they do about food/calories/nutrition and if that comes from a credible source or not!

A decade ago, I never really checked my sources or the science behind things. I always DOUBLE check, now. :D

In other news - things are going well. I weighed in back in my acceptable range today (122.8) after being up a few pounds from eating non-paleo during the weekend.

Still not tracking though.

Starting to think I perhaps will not go back to it unless something changes.

I really, really like not tracking. A decade of recording almost every bite of food that has gone in my mouth. Definitely time for a change, for me personally. I was.... tired. Frustrated.

I am still eating the foods I normally would. Eating them in the same portions I would when I tracked.

Tomorrow, I think I will try and discuss some things I am picking up from the book of "Normal Eating" I am reading. Some things I LOVE, some things have opened my eyes, and some things I don't like or don't apply to me. But that is for a day when I have more time - running out of the house after I hit publish here!

Namaste <3


  1. I had to stop looking at calories for another reason. Age, menopause, being 5'1". I can't look at standard calorie counting and come out okay.

    Eating off a Paleo-ish template has been the most nutrient dense way to go. I'm sure calories matter, but if I'm eating within the template- I can feel the need to eat and mostly the brain signaling is correct. It took me a long time to get there.

    Glad you are finding success without tracking. The longer I go without tracking my food, the nicer it is. A consistent food template, good neurological feed back, and daily weighing has been key.

    Good luck and looking forward to following you along. Have you thought about abstaining from alcohol to see how it effects your food choices?

    1. Definitely interested in a longer alcohol break- I've already greatly reduced the times per month I drink (2 years ago, I might drink 12-20 times a month!!!) I'm down to about 3 - 5 times a month (social drinker)

  2. I don't eat more than 1500 calories a day (well when I've tracked that seems to be the maximum) but I don't lose weight now. I do believe that as you get older your requirement is much less). I don't track either but because I'm only choosing from vegetables and a bit of meat it's hard to go too far wrong! Wine is a biggy for me though and I'm aiming at less and less. I was having an almost nightly wine but and trying to limit this to end of week/Saturday... still a work in progress on that one.

    I'm so glad not tracking is going OK. To have tracked everything for so long it will be extremely freeing for you to feel you are living normally - even if there are constant mental calculations going on.

  3. Unlike the commenters above I find that as I have gotten older I can still lose weight on the same amount of calories as when I was younger. I have found that exercise and strength training really makes a difference though, because your metabolism slows as you age. I exercise a lot and find I don't need to drastically restrict calories.