Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Photo Check In

Just so you all know that I am still on track (despite the turmoil I've been going through with regards to eating, I took a selfie for proof that I'm not over here gaining weight and getting sad:

Not flexing here- earning my abs!

I'm at 122.8 today (back in range) and it makes me EXTRAORDINARILY happy that I'm able to affect my weight without calorie counting.

I overdid it socially and went off paleo last week. This week I am focusing on clean, whole, paleo foods and listening for true hunger.

I'm also taking 15 minutes out of my day to do yoga and 15 minutes to do body-weight strength training.

Feeling fit and strong and trim and healthy!

I'm being careful, though, since not tracking is so new to me, but I'm optimistic that I can create a new life here!! 

Treating my dog to a little hike this morning instead of his normal walk. Got to get going!

Namaste <3


  1. Look at those arms and abs! You look great!

  2. Looking beautiful woman! (And I love seeing that wing wrap around you)

  3. You look fantastic! Way to go! Love that you use yoga daily!

  4. You are very smart to turn that pound or two around immediately. Always love your pictures.

  5. The longer you go not tracking the more you will learn to trust yourself. Well done, you're looking great!