Monday, March 10, 2014

Less than stellar performance..

The rest of the weekend was really nice. Warmer temps and sunshine do a lot to keep depressive/anxious thoughts at bay!

Did a lot of walking, a lot of quality time with my husband and dog. That's all I'm really looking for!!

We did an early morning grocery shop (the co-op was so quiet because of the time change- I think most people were still asleep!... Made for a lovely, calm experience). Got a TON of beautiful, fresh, paleo food for the house.

We saw friends twice over the weekend. Once to celebrate a friend's new job and once to go play the Game of Thrones board game (which was fun but hard to learn and took forever!):

I didn't track. And the same thing that happens every weekend still happened... I ended up gaining weight. Was up 1.2 on Sunday and up another 1.8 today. Arg.

It was really the fact that I veered away from paleo too much. During the week, I'm almost 99% paleo... Then in the weekends? Sometimes I can stay paleo and sometimes I go completely off the rails.

But I won't let feelings of guilt and shame mar the great weekend I had! 

I liked not tracking, but want to make sure there is a downward trend starting today rather than an upward one. I strongly feel the desire to stranglehold control the situation to make SURE I lose this week. But I think I'm going to take a calming breath and relax, eat how I know how to eat.

Still reading my book about "normal eating" and am pleased they bring in Buddhist ideas about mindfulness into it. I'm challenging some deeply held beliefs I've had for a long time that are hurtful but I've always just accepted (things like I am worthless/unloveable if I'm overweight or that I can't trust myself/my body). The book asks the reader to really look at beliefs and thoughts and see if they are rational/irrational or helpful/hurtful.

Trying to bring this all together -- learn from everything, including my mistakes, and emerge from it healthier and happier :)

Will keep you updated!

For now, I'm finishing my coffee, heading to work, looking forward to my afternoon dog walk, and eating clean/paleo when I'm truly hungry :)

Namaste <3


  1. I just saw last season's 4th episode where Khaleesi gained her troops. I have always loved a 'chick kickin' ass' movie, but that scene was my most favorite EVER. Movie, TV, ALL TIME. :)

  2. Warmer weather ... good walks ... nice way to spend the weekend

    Hope you have a good week

    All the best Jan