Friday, March 28, 2014

Giving in to the weather...

Well- it's insanely gross out. Been pouring for hours! I have walked my dog in some really bad weather, super cold, super windy, snowing, whatever. I almost feel like I abide by the post offices' motto about rain, sleet and snow not keeping them from delivering the mail! I've prided myself on being really good to my dog, not letting my own discomfort or displeasure with walking on a particular day keep him from getting the walk he needs.

But... This. This is going to prevent his walk today. It looks like a lake out there... Roads are flooding, puddles are super deep, the rain is heavy and cold and relentless (and it's not supposed to stop all day).

Sorry, Koda!!

I'll play with him inside and he's going on a hike tomorrow. He'll have to forgive me :)

I will do some strength and cardio workouts at home for myself because my body is used to the daily walk, as well.

What a difference it makes to TRULY make healthy behaviors habit - to not have to force yourself to do them.

My habits I don't even think twice about now (as opposed to 5 or 10 years ago): 

- taking my vitamins 

- morning yoga stretches

- daily 45-60 minute walk

- making vegetables the star of my daily diet (I like veggies! Never would have thought it!)

These four habits really set me up for success in the long run, because they set the tone for an overall healthy lifestyle. They've replaced bad habits (most of which involve eating junk food, processed food, sugary food), as well.

I have a great grocery coupon today, so I'll head to the store and get the weekly shopping over with a bit early (usually do it on Sunday). I love my non-list, non-recipe focused shopping trips! It is so easy and simple to shop for this house. What my cart will generally look like (keeping in mind most of this is organic or antibiotic free!):

- ground chicken/turkey
- pork
- eggs
- lactose free cottage cheese (a new addition I discovered I loved when I got sick and was on a low fiber diet)
- flax milk
- squash/sweet potatoes
- tomatoes
- spinach
- lettuce
- onions
- mushrooms
- other assorted veggies (depends on sales)
- avocados
- bananas
- mangos/oranges/other thick skin fruit (not as important to buy organic)
- frozen blueberries
- nuts/seeds
- dark chocolate
- seltzer

So- lean protein, some dairy, veggies, fruit and some treats (nuts, chocolate).

I only shop on the perimeter of the store (the chocolate is on the edge too, haha)... It's so odd to not really have been down the grocery aisles in so long. But there's just nothing I want in the actual aisles, all in those nice pretty packages.

Still weighing 121.2 today. I'm officially happy!! I've been doing some good work- tackling underlying reasons for over eating (eg. anxiety) which makes a real difference. I've kept very clean and over 90% paleo this week, listening to hunger/fullness signals.

So, all those confused thoughts this week, all those rants, all the wondering and the self introspection, it really is worth it. I feel very calm and at peace with the work I'm doing, as well as calm and at peace with who I am right now. I'm forgiving myself for my mistakes and working on being better. Replacing anxiety with peace makes it so much easier not to over eat.

The benefits of work- I spent years learning about fitness and nutrition, and that work is serving me really well right now. And the work I'm doing now on my mental state and my peace of mind, it's starting to pay off.

Enjoy your day, hope it is not as wet as mine!

Namaste <3


  1. Good for you! Oh, and be careful out there to/from the market. ;)

  2. Can you write a bit about your dairy issues (symptoms, what dairy products bothered you). And then explain how the new form of cottage cheese is working? I miss cottage cheese greatly. Dairy bothers my GI system, but I was never sure what part of dairy. I can't do any form of yogurt because whatever culture makes yogurt, gives me migraines.