Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dairy, Cottage Cheese

Just a quick post to say something I've been meaning to say, that was just recently asked of me in the comments. Vickie asked how I'm doing with my dairy issues now that I'm eating cottage cheese.

First, I am almost completely lactose intolerant at this point. It's been a slow change over the years, and almost all forms of dairy products really upset my stomach. If I go off Paleo, I find that only very hard or aged cheeses do not upset my stomach like all other dairy does.

Second, I love, love, love the texture of yogurt. I definitely missed it when I went paleo. Also, it was such an easy way to get protein that I didn't have to cook first.

Third, I found a coconut milk yogurt that has 6 g of protein and is really tasty and has an awesome texture (So Delicious Greek Style) I was buying them for over a year. However, they are very expensive. Expensive to the point it started to not make sense to buy them, except as perhaps a treat.

Fourth, I got sick and had the endoscopic surgery. I was put on a low residue diet, so I couldn't have almost any vegetables at all, no rough meats, etc. I was eating cream of rice and cottage cheese and eggs and other soft foods. But it was then that I remembered how much I love cottage cheese, and what a great protein source it was for me. But, it was dairy! And I suffered a little bit.

Lastly, I found Lactaid cottage cheese at the grocery store. There is no lactose in it. And since I am lactose intolerant, a lactose free cottage cheese was perhaps a dream come true. It has 12 g of protein per serving (and 80 cal per serving)!! It's a perfect little quick meal or snack for me and doesn't bother my stomach at all, cause any bloating or inflammation, or weight gain.

It's not Paleo, nope. But it works so perfectly for my life that I'm keeping it in the diet for now! That's why I say I'm 90-95% Paleo, because I have a few things in my diet that aren't strict Paleo.

I'm a firm believer in the basics of the Paleo diet. Filling up the majority of your diet and your day with vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats. Leaving grains out of the equation is super important (low nutritional value, inflammatory properties, and they take up  the caloric space which you could be filling up with vegetables).

But I'm not a hard ass, either. I understand for myself and for many others there are going to be a few items out there that can supplement our diet that are not strict Paleo but still have an awesome cost-benefit ratio as far as health, expense and even pleasure.

Off to start the weekend!! Namaste <3


  1. I'm so thankful you aren't a "hard ass"...sometimes you have to/want to be a little flexible. ;) Glad you found some cottage cheese that you can eat that won't make you sick ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. Heck, go for the cottage cheese if it agrees with you! I don't believe in being hard ass either :)

  3. I didn't know they made that! I'll try and see if they have it at my local grocery. I'm lactose intolerant too (used to be allergic to dairy as a kid) and I usually walk quickly through that part of the store without even stopping.

  4. It's nice you can customize your template (nothing hard ass about it, you'll know what works). Most even hard core Paleo's include full fat dairy from time to time IF they can tolerate it. That's the word.. IF. Not only does lactose mess me up, casein is hugely inflammatory. One speck and I am promised a chin full of acne, bad sinus problems and GI stuff. I can't even have ghee- tiny amounts of casein set me off, big time.

    Eat some dairy for me!!! :) All depends on your immune system, gut, food sensitivities- IMO

  5. I try to be hard ass, but I fail almost every time I try. LOL I admit this past week I've added my organic half and half back to my coffee, and the occasional cheese. (maybe 1 oz., 2 or 3 times this week.) not as much as before, and no noticeable difference. I might keep at that, I might pull back again. I'm on the fence.

    I use regular store mayo; too lazy to make my own. I used bottled BBQ sauce: too lazy to make my own. My beef is rarely grass fed.

    So I'm no perfect primal/paleo myself. I aim for it, but fall short most days. STILL, 90-95% paleo/primal is damned good. Good enough, in my book.

    Keep keeping it real, sweetie! :)

  6. I know that if I keep 90-95% Paleo/Primal, I'll be ok. I hadn't heard of lactose free cottage cheese before, is there much of a difference taste wise? Do you, Jeanette. That's all that matters. :-)

    1. Not much of a difference- I actually prefer it!! I insanely love it... Sometimes I mix it with jelly and sunflower seed butter, it's amazing. Other times I mix it with blueberries!

  7. Thank you so much for the information (have been out of town for several days).

    I am going to drop down to just a few very simple safe foods for a few days straight and then try it. That way I should be able to tell easily, quickly if it bothers me. And if it seems okay, will just eat it once a week.

    Tart frozen cherries or red raspberries and cottage cheese were a favorite of mine. Will be glad if I can get it to work again.