Monday, March 17, 2014

Detoxing (and struggling in social situations!)

Last week was an incredibly busy, social week:

Sunday- all day board game gathering (Game of Thrones game and dinner)

Monday- chill night in!!!

Tuesday- Girls' Night ;)

Wednesday- TV Night... Survivor! 

Thursday- Friend's birthday gathering

Friday- Book of Mormon

Saturday- Family gathering and dinner AND a late night hangout with friends 

Sunday- driving to and from Providence, RI to visit with new niece :)

Ayiyi!! Was exhausted by the end of it. I usually only socialize about two or three times a week max. We also ended up eating socially a whole lot last week, which we try not to do more than once or twice a week.

Some wins: I didn't drink alcohol at ANY of the events! I sipped on seltzer instead, not wanting the extra calories or the metabolism interference of alcohol. Chris and I also held true to No Chip 2014 (and there were a lot of chips!!)

Some fails: last week was perhaps the least Paleo week I've had in almost 2 years. Gah.

So I'm at 124.5, a pound and a half higher than I'm comfortable with. But I obviously earned that extra weight by eating grains several times last week. I definitely did not eat as many veggies last week as I like, either (last night I was absolutely desperate for a spinach salad, so I ate a big plate of spinach with mushrooms and radish... Needed raw nutrients!!)

This week will not be super social- Chris is away and I want to focus on my schoolwork, which means I will have plenty of time to focus on my health and fitness this week, as well.

I'm struggling with eating Paleo in social situations. I am so, so, so tempted by breads and cake like things.

So, we're going to do what works for us when we found that we were overindulging in chips in social situations, veering away from the Paleo template that makes us feel so amazing! We implemented No Chip December (which expanded into No Chip 2014 because it worked so well) to get real serious, make a promise to ourselves and to each other to stop doing things that are, in the end, very destructive.

Same thing is going to have to happen here with other non-Paleo treats in social situations. No Bread April (which I hope will go extraordinarily well and morph into me being completely Paleo in social situations for the rest of the year)!

I need to reassert and reaffirm the things I believe. I don't bring grains into my house, I don't want to eat them outside the house either. It really helps to make a firm commitment to and with Chris to succeed. It will be nice in future social situations to see him abiding by the promise we need, it gives me strength. Even just making a promise to myself, out loud and with clear rules, helps me succeed.

Not going to stay in my ideal weight range if I keep letting these social things derail me.

Leaving you with pictures of us with our new niece (we love her dearly!!!!):

Looking forward to my detox week- getting real about life progress and my physical and mental health.

Off to the grocery store!

Namaste <3


  1. Congrats on your new niece:) Great pic!

  2. Oh my gosh, she is precious! You look so natural and comfortable with her in your arms! :)


  3. There will be someone, somewhere who cringes over No Chips 2014, but it is not me, I love that concept. Love the No Bread one too. I think you are doing it in a very smart way, try for a month, evaluate pros and cons.

    Congrats on new one in your life.