Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paleo and Weight Loss

My version of Paleo is very simple. It is so simple that I rarely look for help, ideas, tips or tricks in order to eat the way I do. I learned about Paleo, gave it a try (in the strict Whole30 form), found what worked and that was the end of it.

I buy a cart full of veggies, a little fruit, enough meat for dinner every day, eggs, nuts, seeds, flax milk (or something equivalent like coconut milk yogurt) and spices.

Then I eat that stuff - either raw or simply cooked.

So, there is really no reason for me to read Paleo recipe blogs or grab a cookbook or anything of that nature. We only use Paleo "baked goods" a few times a year for a special occasion like Thanksgiving or a birthday (ahem, like MY birthday tomorrow, I requested a Paleo pumpkin pie, which Chris makes beauuuutifully).

However, I do subscribe to a few Paleo newsletters that I get in my email once in a while, as a sort of reminder and motivation to continue to eat the way I know works for me. They send little articles and medical info and nutrition info, etc. One I really like is from PaleoLeap.com.

The other day they send me an article on weight loss with Paleo, which is not usually the focus of eating Paleo. It can often be a RESULT of Paleo, but the focus is on healing the body.

The article they sent had a great quote: "Heal the person first. The excess body fat will follow."

I've always preferred the focus on health and healing and filling the body with good nutrition that helps the machinery of the body work as efficiently as possible. As a disordered eater, this focus helped me get a good mindset. It gives me a way to eat knowing I am doing as good as possible for my body, regardless of weight loss or gain (though I only gain weight when I veer off the Paleo template, really!).

I would suggest giving the website a look if you are interested in starting Paleo - the first page gives a really great "Paleo at a Glance" rundown so you know what you are getting into and WHY!

My life - going okay :) I am still up two pounds from where I had gotten to last week (so I am at 123) because I ate pizza and drank beer at my friend's engagement/birthday party. Not a big deal, but will a little more aware and less likely to veer off Paleo for a while as I recover. I am definitely not a 100% Paleo eater, I haven't figured out how to eliminate beer or the occasional party situation!

I am glad I made a commitment to No Chip 2014 with Chris - chips and dips were the only snacks at the late night party and I didn't touch them, even though I had a buzz on reducing my willpower. We really should make a No Pizza year, because that is obviously a big weakness of mine. But I am not quite ready to give it up completely (I eat it once every few months).

Okay - got to get on with the day!

Namaste <3


  1. Fantastic post Jeanette.
    Even though we eat low-carb/ketogenic (to maintain significant weight loss and keep hubbby's blood glucose under control), I'm pretty much with you on the 'what I buy' list. I differ in that I buy goat milk (and still some cow's dairy - mostly cheese & yoghurt)... er, and probably buy too many nuts!
    I did invest in some low-carb cook books at the start but haven't tried more than a couple of recipes as the pure & simple approach suits me best too. Also I'm slightly wary of things which 'try' to be what they are not (like 'low-carb' cookies or 'bakery' stuff, or vegetarian bacon for that matter - no offence intended to any veggies out there).
    My current focus is on sorting out my crazy head - again. Stress and the black dog have been too much in control recently and they need to be kicked out so I can focus on the health side of things, especially increasing fitness. Wish me luck.

  2. We are much like you - I don't read recipes, just make up food that I buy and know it's OK. Don't worry too much about the beer, it's what you do most of the time that counts. I hope things a better for you generally :)

  3. Awesome post. Thank you for stopping by and your comment. I so needed that today. Today was day one with out bread or cereal. The bread, that was easy...the cereal, oh my ... it's like crack to me. WOW was it hard. Tomorrow day two and I will skip both again. I need to look at your Paleo foods and decide what I'm going to go with after this week. I drink and enjoy regular dairy but use almond milk for my SF breakfast drink or even cold cereal so not sure if I can give up regular moo all the time. Your post gave me lots to think about.
    Take care Jeanette. Have a blessed evening~

  4. I have a few soup recipes I make (mega pot when I do so we can eat it for a while).

    And a few middle eastern dishes (a girl from the Middle East lived with us for a year, so I learned the real deal).

    But MOSTLY I do exactly what you wrote - stock the kitchen with the whole foods we eat, prepping what needs prepped (very simply - lightly steaming some things, just washing others, not peeling much of anything, roasting a little, baking a little) and then just relaxing into eating meals.

    Very good post.

  5. I started paleo diet 3 years ago when I was newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. With this the diabetes went quickly into remission. Is it so hard to believe that eating a diet based on fresh produce and other foods close to nature will restore health? All I did was cut out sugar, grains and processed foods, which are all grain and sugar based anyway. The folks who will have you believe that such foods are necessary for health care – guess who – the food industry, and the governments that are financially supported by the food industry. Why else should grains and grain products occupy the largest section of the old food pyramid? These foods are what made me sick in the first place.