Monday, March 24, 2014


Have you heard of this? It's a "miracle berry" - a dried berry that you let dissolve on your tongue and its enzymes coat your taste buds, changing the way you taste food for about 30 minutes. It makes sour, bitter and astringent tastes go away or seem sweet!

I've heard of it here and there, was always curious. It's about tasting foods rather than wolfing them down, which intrigued me.

So we had a little "flavor tripping" party last night with a variety of things to taste. This was our spread (and my dinner):

If you can see, there's about 75% fruits and veggies on the table!

So... I ate a whole lemon (it tastes like lemonade!), 1/2 a lime, lots of orange and grapefruit (and I usually haaaaaate the bitterness of grapefruit), jalapeño, raw onion with Nutella on it haha, pickles, bleu cheese, sour patch kids ... It was weird!

It was a fun little experiment. Actually made me think about how important taste is... I love the sourness of sour patch kids, so I didn't eat more than one while flavor tripping because they were just sweet (I had some once the enzyme wore off though).

It helped me eat citrus fruit- I don't love citrus fruit and usually have to force myself to eat an orange, and there I was munching on lemons and grapefruit haha

The bulk of veggies/fruit helped mitigate my non-paleo choices... Feeling fine today, weighing 123.

Went shopping yesterday and the house is once again stocked for the week with tons of beautiful produce and lean protein. Going to be another good week for me :)

Not much else to tell you- I had a great weekend and am feeling good and positive. I'm seeing that my body maintains closer to 122 than 119, and I'm starting to accept that, if I'm working out and eating right, and like my body, it's okay if I weigh 122 rather than 119. I am loving my muscle tone right now- been working on strength almost every day since October, so trending higher makes sense a bit if I'm focusing on strength for 6 months rather than cardio. I don't think I've put on 3 pounds of muscle, don't get me wrong! But I've put on a little bit and have not been focusing on weight loss- just fitness.

I have to learn to be happy where I am and not always want better- I wear a size 4, am right at my recommended weight medically, feel strong and fit, etc... Being 119/120 won't change those facts, that's where I am right now.

I will admit, though, I do like a little buffer of weighing a little bit less than 122 so if I have a drink with friends one night or a slightly decadent meal with my husband, I'm not over my comfort zone the next day.

But working on the mental part, still!

Have a great start to your week, friends <3


  1. I think that's a good attitude. It is better to be strong and toned and weigh a couple pounds more. It is about being strong, not being unable to do a pushup! I could starve myself to an arbitrary weight but if I can't hike or do pullups, what's the point?

  2. I have heard of the berry because my little brother was growing them. LOL I never tried it though.

  3. I think I had heard of that berry on the Dr. Oz show once. It sounds like an interesting experiment. Have a great week.

  4. Your food shopping sounds great.

    All the best Jan