Friday, March 7, 2014

No Tracking, Day 2

Today was my No Grains, No Gains monthly blogroll post- check it out below!

But I also wanted to do a quick check in since yesterday was my first day of not tracking my food. Usually if I'm not tracking my food it's because I'm on vacation or have some other crazy day planned- I always, always track my food into my calorie counter app on my phone on a normal day.

I think I did well. I tried really hard to listen to my body and it's cues, to eat clean and whole and Paleo food, and to remember everything I've learned about nutrition over the years.

We had this awesome dinner (turkey and chicken meatloaf, mashed sweet potatoes and organic peas!):

I weighed in this morning because I'm not about to give up tracking my food and weighing myself daily. Not yet, not now. I need some way of making sure I'm still on track!! I'm not in that frame of mind where I 100% trust myself and my decisions. I need some checks and balances.

Well- I was down to 121.8 after being 123 all week! It was a nice thing to see on the scale that after my first day of not tracking my food I didn't go crazy and eat ALL the things!!

Another very normal, clean and Paleo day for me today. I actually went out and bought some nice work clothes for my upcoming substitute teacher jobs and potential job interviews in the future. I look kind of bangin' in the suit!! Feeling great :)

I haven't really gone out and bought clothes in the past couple years, because my job hasn't been steady and I've been unemployed for large chunk of that. But it was only in the last two years that I got down to the low 120s- and it made me realize that I have no idea how small I am. I have no fitted clothes that fit THIS body- just this body with 15 extra pounds on it. (And saggy, droopy clothes do not look professional!)

So I didn't know what to do or where to go or what to pick up in the store! I got a variety of sizes. A lot of fours were too big on me. It's really strange, because in my head I really should be going to the larger sizes first. 

Ahh, body dysmorphia at its best!

I see a big hulking beast of a woman in the mirror when I stand in front of it. But all my clothes are tiny. Maybe someday my brain will catch up with my body. Another rung on the ladder of work that is life :) 

So, to sum up, I'm feeling very good and very positive about the changes I'm making in my life. It's important for me to move into the next phase of maintenance where I'm comfortable with what I'm doing and not holding on for dear life. Where I'm comfortable with my own body and trust myself.

Onwards and upwards!!!!


  1. You are a work in progress Jeanette so take it slowly. Maybe just have one or two days a week where you don't track but follow the rules. Interesting what you say about feeling big but have tiny clothes. When I wash my jeans and go to put them away I always thing "they'll never fit me"... but they do!

  2. I have had VERY good luck at upscale resale shops (and even Goodwill) with small sizes with the tags still on them/never worn. I have often supposed people bought them, starting diets, as goal clothes and then never got there . . .

    I also have had very good luck with sale racks at Macy's. Usually can use a 20% coupon on top of sale price.

    Did you buy new bras after last weight loss? Often makes a big difference.

    I have had a very good time with fitted clothes and new styles myself. This year have been working on shoes and boots.

  3. How do you make your meatloaf please?

    1. I don't use a recipe and change it up pretty often. Basically, I used 2 pounds of ground meat, two eggs, sautéed mushrooms and onions and garlic, and mix it all together with whatever spices I want! I use chia seed flour as the 'breadcrumbs' haha.. Then I bake at 350° for an hour. Always comes out great!

    2. That is good to know, I have chia seeds (not flour but seeds and I think that would still work, they do not have to be ground like flax does). I think meatloaf type texture would appeal as a change of pace. I can get extra lean ground turkey and ground chicken breast.

      That also would make good burgers for different texture, eat bunless.

      I have made Greek meatballs with tons of kale (thru food processor). And that is good too.