Sunday, March 30, 2014

My semi-annual run :)

Every once in a while, I like to go for a run. I tend not to run a lot, because it's just not the best exercise for me, especially as far as wear and tear on my joints/ligaments/tendons/what-have-you. Running seems to immediately stress my body as soon as I run more than once a week- I do a lot more yoga, strength and resistance training, walking and hiking. Those forms of exercise are more than enough to keep me fit and healthy and keep my chance of injury (either acute or chronic) low. I've never had an exercise-related injury and I want to keep it that way!

But, running is a skill that I never want to lose. I always want to be able to run for a distance and at a decent speed, because you never know! (I'm a weird, worst case scenario type of person and I always want my body to be strong and fast and capable in case something awful happens... I'm thinking running for help if Chris is injured while we are hiking or if someone nefarious is chasing me...... um, I'm slightly less than normal, I told you!).

So, I went for a run yesterday because it was 50° and the sun was shining and I wanted to be outside for my workout! Also, Chris had Koda on a hike, so I didn't get outside for a dog walk.

First run in about three months, maybe more. Just wanted to make sure I could!

I wore some fun workout gear that I have. I don't usually wear the 'official' workout clothes I own, usually just wearing cotton pants and a tank top working out in my bedroom, ha ha. But people would be SEEING me workout for the first time in months, wanted to put my cute stuff on!

It was a successful run. I didn't have to stop at all and walk. I did a 5K in just over half an hour :)

It shows me that whatever I'm doing to work out at home and with my supplemental hiking is keeping my cardiovascular system in good shape and my leg muscles strong. I wasn't winded or overly out of breath at the end. Felt good and strong.

I remember reading stuff when I had some thought that I might take up running - lots of studies that show that overall strength training makes you a better runner. Definitely think there is some truth to that if I can still run at the pace I used to when I ran regularly even though I haven't run in months, only strength/yoga/walking!

However, I reaffirmed for myself that I still do not like running.  Props to those who like to run, I don't get it!!!  It's just not my preferred exercise at all. I didn't enjoy it aside from the whole outside aspect (which I usually get on my dog walks). BUT I will continue to do it every once in a while, as I said, I never want to lose the ability to run if I need or want to!! :D

Now for a nice Sunday with Chris - working AND playing!!



  1. Yeah, I'm a confirmed non runner. I get that. Cute gear!

  2. You totally look like a runner though! I am also a decided non-runner. Give me just about any other exercise, but I so hate running...ha!! I am so amazed though that you were able to run a 5k at the drop of a hat. That speaks so highly of your over all endurance and in-shapeness...awesome!!

  3. Well it's walking for me ... but hey I think the important thing is exercise. So dance, yoga, weights whatever suits us and we feel happy with - just go for it.

    All the best Jan

  4. I think I'll probably be like that at some point. I have no desire to run marathons. Having been obese most of my life I never thought I could run, so I started the C25K just to prove to myself I could do it. Having only just hit three minute intervals I can see myself repeating weeks more than once before attempting to move on, but that's OK, I'll take it at my own pace. Great job running a 5K just like that! :)